Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, March 4, 2010)

Conservatives rein in their spending, Greece walks a path once taken by Newfoundland and Wind energy projects take a  hit from the budget, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Ottawa unveils smallest spending increase in a decade
Globe and Mail-- Iceland braces for public backlash
Globe and Mail-- Asper move marks end of an era, beginning of a new battle
National Post-- Greece woes resemble Newfoundland circa 1933
National Post-- Asper to fight Shaw for TV assets
National Post-- Flaherty all smiles as he finally gets to wield the cleaver
Vancouver Sun-- Forestry head ‘happy lumberjack’ over federal budget largesse
Vancouver Sun-- Wind energy sector laments loss of incentives
New York Times-- Market Defies Fear of Real Estate Bubble in China
New York Times-- I.M.F. Help for Greece Is a Risky Prospect
New York Times-- Is Any Job Better than Unemployment?
USA Today-- Greece's bond issue greeted with enthusiasm
USA Today-- Yukos tells court: Russia sought to destroy us
Guardian UK online-- Greece told to sell off islands and artworks
Guardian UK online-- Unskilled Britain
Guardian UK online-- One year on, the Bank of England deserves a little bit of credit
Times online-- Civil service bonuses slashed
Times online-- Mandelson attacks US financial reform plans
Telegraph UK online-- A claim of patriotism is the last refuge of a busted government
Telegraph UK online-- It's a taxing problem for the wealthy Greeks
Telegraph UK online-- UK 'would still be recession' without £200bn Bank of England cash injection
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Deep cut in trade deficit
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Full head of steam for Australian economy
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Boeing workers 'disappointed' over job cuts
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Forrest tops Forbes' Rich Aussies list
People's Daily-- China's demographic dividend will continue for a decade: Commerce Minister
People's Daily-- Economic restructuring may be hindered if GDP grew faster than 9%: political advisor
China Daily-- Time running out on energy goals
China Daily-- Hu urges private businesses to develop
Times of India-- Aviation min to oppose service tax
Times of India-- Food inflation may affect revenues of cos: India Inc