Friday, March 05, 2010

Googles of March 2010

From the Podunkian inbox to an archive on the blog, from March, here are the items of note we found with the simple mention of Prince Rupert.

March 30-- New Chamber execs sworn in to office
March 30-- CN busy changing railroad ties in area
March 30-- Son to Trial in Father's Death
March 27-- A huge window on the Rockies
March 25-- Roosevelt Park saved; Ecole Westview not so lucky
March 24-- Northern B.C. mayors demand to know federal government’s plans for Ridley Terminals
March 24-- Prince Rupert's Ecole Westview To Close in 2011
March 24-- Critics Challenge Health Of Canadian Salmon Industry
March 24-- Central Mountain buys Hawkair
March 23-- Steps for Students success
March 23-- Credit Union celebrates 70th
March 23-- School district won’t be submitting deficit
March 23-- The value of film and television in tourism marketing 
March 23-- Port authority starts community fund
March 23-- "On The Other Hand,” Economists Tell Goods Movement Hearing
March 22-- B.C. companies appear poised to buy Prince Rupert coal terminal from feds 
March 21-- Teacher questions Christmas carol ban in schools 
March 19-- Vancouver developer sued by owners of Prince Rupert condo development 
March 18-- Advanced voting polls open for Nisga'a election 
March 17-- Regional district taxes will not increase: chair 
March 17-- Queen of the North officer criminally charged in fatal 2006 ferry crash
March 17-- Four key players in ferry tragedy 
March 17-- Haisla lose heartbreaker at All Native Provincials 
March 17-- Disaster in dark caused by human error 
March 16-- Anti-Hitchhiking sign no longer planned 
March 16-- Port pioneer discusses Rupert’s history and its future
March 16-- The development and operation of Tourism Prince Rupert
March 16-- RCMP seeking more suspects in assault case
March 16-- Airport officials push to keep key technician here
March 16-- Puget Sound ports need to get ready for Panama Canal widening
March 16-- Local clubs do well at aboriginal tourney
March 15-- Native gangs spreading across Canada, targeting at-risk youth, says RCMP
March 12-- 3-time B.C. killer sentenced to life
March 12-- Heavy cost of education consultants in Prince Rupert
March 12-- Friendship House Tribesmen defend provincial championship
March 11-- Coast Tsimshian Resources leads Northwest economic revival
March 11-- Dance festival hits the stage
March 11-- Northern Adventure delayed in Prince Rupert
March 11-- City celebrates Prince Rupert's 100th birthday in style
March 11-- Prince George Organizations attempt to Foster New Opportunities with China
March 10-- Happy 100 Prince Rupert!
March 10-- Regional district budget available
March 9-- A look at Prince Rupert’s pre-incorporation development
March 9-- A selection of some of Rupert’s history
March 9-- RCMP Report for March 1-7 2010
March 9-- Build a sturdy bridge and win
March 9-- Sun Wave seeking a solution to avoid litigation with the City
March 9-- Nomination deadline approaching for building excellence awards
March 9-- A new shake-up for shipping from Asia: The warming Arctic Ocean
March 8-- Prince Rupert business owners tell City to rescind parking bylaw, design guidelines
March 8-- Knights rally to win B.C. title
March 8-- Prince Rupert Turns 100
March 7-- Taking a message of hope to Games
March 6-- Northwest girls finish BC Games
March 5-- BC is a natural for Aboriginal Tourism 
March 5-- Hobiyee draws crowd in Rupert
March 4-- A lesson learned from missing capsule incident
March 3-- Girls with brooms
March 3-- Roosevelt Park Elementary Public Consultation
March 3-- Get to know your Nisga'a president
March 3-- Rudolph Braun: dreamer, rancher and surprising pioneer
March 3-- Houston boys third in zone
March 2-- Zone champs after 16-year hiatus
March 2-- Photo shows robbery suspects
March 2-- Travel media promotion in a rapidly changing world
March 2-- Job Fair set for Friday
March 2-- A walking guide to City’s history
March 2-- Avanti Mining steps closer to Kitsault project output
March 1-- Petition for Northern Expedition presented to Legislature
March 1-- Holding Port: Only Price Rupert reports freight hikes in '09
March 1-- For Our Street Family

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