Monday, October 04, 2010

Enbridge responds to UBCM resolution of last week

"We understand that some people have genuine concerns about ensuring the project can be built and operated safely, and that economic benefits accrue to northern BC communities and British Columbia as a whole," -- Enbridge spokesperson Alan Roth, reacting to a resolution against the Enbridge Gateway pipeline project which was passed at last weeks UBCM convention.

The debate over the Enbridge pipeline project gathered steam this past week at the UBCM convention, which saw a majority of delegates at the convention vote in favour of a resolution that expressed opposition to the pipeline project as well as the presence of oil tankers along the North coast

The non binding resolution will be presented to the provincial government for its consideration towards the progress of the project.

The resolution was being pressed for by residents of a number of communities along the Northern Gateway and on Haida Gwaii who were thrilled with its passing at Whistler., it was the village of Queen Charlotte City that introduced and campaigned for the resolutions on Friday.

While Nathan Cullen the NDP MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley, as well as other officials both provincial and municipal were happy with the outcome of the resolution, over on the other side of the discussion Alan Roth an Enbridge spokesman suggested that the member communities that voted in favour of it were voting against jobs and opportunities for Northern BC communities.

The Enbridge official however went on to express confidence that the company can sway opinion when it comes to the development of the project, with the complex issue subject to much examination over the course of the two year regulatory review process.

Roth perhaps gained a little sympathy from Prince George Mayor Dan Rogers, who expressed the thought that the resolution was more of "an emotional and feel good issue" and that the voting took place when many of the delegates had headed for home.

Last week the Globe and Mail examined the issue of jobs vs development with an article with a fair amount of background links on the issue.

It makes for a helpful guide for those of us trying to get a better understanding of the issue and the impact that it could bring to the Northwest.

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