Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's the economy (January 2009)

A new year arrives, though many of last years concerns still apparently are resonating around the world as far as the economy is concerned.

We'll track the major stories of the economy from a number of on line sources, providing our archive of them here.

New York Times

Jan 31-- Rock Bottom for Decades, but Showing Signs of Life
Jan 31-- As Economy Sinks, Russians Protest
Jan 31-- Our Love Affair With Malls Is on the Rocks
Jan 29-- Health Care Now
Jan 31-- Following Clues the S.E.C. Didn’t
Jan 27-- Obama’s Reagan Transformation?
Jan 27-- Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education
Jan 27-- Obama, Visiting G.O.P. Lawmakers, Is Open to Some Compromise on Stimulus
Jan 27-- Geithner Sets Limits on Lobbying for Bailout Money
Jan 27-- Relief Seen for Jobless and States in Health Care Plan
Jan 27-- Bank of America Board Under Gun From Critics
Jan 27-- Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters
Jan 26-- Layoffs Spread to More Sectors of the Economy
Jan 26-- Roosevelt’s Slow Embrace of Government Spending
Jan 26-- Geography Is Dividing Democrats Over Energy
Jan 26-- Detroit Calls Emissions Proposals Too Strict
Jan 26-- Senate Confirms Geithner for Treasury Post
Jan 26-- Barclays to Write Down £8 Billion, but Asks for No Help
Jan 26-- Iceland’s Government Collapses
Jan 26-- Wall Street Waffles as It Searches for Direction
Jan 26-- Bad Faith Economics
Jan 26-- The Same Old Song
Jan 25-- Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look
Jan 25-- Obama’s Order Is Likely to Tighten Auto Standards
Jan 25-- Oil Cartel Keeps Cuts on Track
Jan 25-- At Davos, Crisis Culls the Guest List
Jan 25-- Republicans Are Resistant to Obama’s Stimulus Plan
Jan 24-- Six Errors on the Path to the Financial Crisis
Jan 23-- Once a Boon, Euro Now Burdens Some Nations
Jan 22-- Stuck in the Muddle
Jan 22-- The First Test
Jan 20-- Stocks Plummet on Bank Worries
Jan 20-- Fiat Acquires 35% Stake in Chrysler
Jan 20-- In 2009, Layoffs Is the Business to Be In
Jan 20-- As Expected, Canada Cuts Key Rate to 1%
Jan 19-- Wall Street Voodoo
Jan 19-- Mexican Billionaire Invests in Times Comp
Jan 19-- A Gloomy Forecast for Australian Economy in 2009
Jan 17-- Bailout Is a Windfall to Bankers, if Not to Borrowers
Jan 17-- In Search of One Bold Stroke to Save the Banks
Jan 16-- Can Anybody Out There Fix the Banking System?
Jan 16-- For Bank of America, the Pressure Mounts Over Merrill Deal
Jan 16-- Circuit City to Shut Down
Jan 16-- The Popular Newsweekly Becomes a Lonely Category
Jan 16-- Citigroup Reports Big Loss and a Breakup Plan
Jan 16-- $1.5 Billion U.S. Loan for Chrysler Financial
Jan 16-- Global Music Sales Fell 7% in ’08 as CDs Lost Favor
Jan 16-- Hertz Rental Car Plans to Cut 4,000 Jobs
Jan 14-- Buyers for a Citigroup Fire Sale Have Probably Been Singed, Too
Jan 14-- Where Is Oil Going Next?
Jan 14-- Weak Economy and Retail Sales Hurt Shares
Jan 14-- Nortel Seeks Bankruptcy Protection
Jan 14-- Where Sweatshops Are a Dream
Jan 14-- Tim Geithner! Why Are Rich People So Cheap?
Jan 13-- Stimulus Alone Won’t End Crisis, Bernanke Says
Jan 13-- Barclays to Cut 2,100 Jobs, Mostly in 2 Units
Jan 13-- Trade Losses Rise in China, Threatening Jobs
Jan 13-- Russian Gas Deal Appears to Founder
Jan 12-- Release of More Bailout Money Gains Favor
Jan 11-- Ideas for Obama
Jan 11-- Republicans’ Latest Talking Point: The New Deal Failed
Jan 11-- In His Emphasis on Economy, Obama Is Looking to History
Jan 11-- New Cars Arrive, Courting Few Buyers
Jan 11-- Debt Could Crush G.M.’s Best Efforts
Jan 10-- Detroit Goes for Electric Cars, but Will Drivers?
Jan 10-- Obama Raises Estimate of Job Creation in Plan
Jan 10-- At McDonald’s, the Happiest Meal Is Hot Profits
Jan 10-- Is Government Spending Too Easy an Answer?
Jan 9-- Treasury’s Oversight of Bailout Is Faulted
Jan 9-- Obama’s Biggest Challenge
Jan 8-- Senate Allies Fault Obama on Stimulus
Jan 8-- For BlackBerry, Obama’s Devotion Is Priceles
Jan 8-- Holiday Sales Were Dismal, Data Shows
Jan 8-- The Obama Gap
Jan 8-- The Confidence Surplus
Jan 8-- Don’t Touch That Dial
Jan 7-- Stocks Drop on Earnings Gloom; S.&.P. Falls 3%
Jan 7-- $1.2 Trillion Deficit Forecast as Obama Weighs Options
Jan 7-- Ukraine Says Russia Cuts Gas Supplies
Jan 7-- Marks & Spencer Plans Job Cuts and Closings
Jan 7-- Paulson Sees Changes for Freddie and Fannie
Jan 6-- The Costly Compromises of Oil From Sand
Jan 6-- Alcoa Plans to Close Plants and Trim Work Force
Jan 6-- In Fed Rate Cut, Fears of Long Recession
Jan 6-- Facing Losses, Billionaire Takes His Own Life
Jan 6-- Economists Warm to Government Spending but Debate Its Form
Jan 6-- Obama Warns of Prospect for Trillion-Dollar Deficits
Jan 6-- Alcoa Plans to Close Plants and Trim Work Force
Jan 5-- Where Is Our Ferdinand Pecora?
Jan 5-- Bleak Sales in December Cap a Grim Year for Automakers
Jan 5-- Markets Lower as Automakers Report Sales
Jan 5-- Prosecutors Want Madoff’s Bail Revoked
Jan 5-- A 50-Year Farm Bill
Jan 4-- As Vacant Office Space Grows, So Does Lenders’ Crisis
Jan 4-- Auto Industry Still Coming to Grips With the Damage of 2008
Jan 4-- Obama Plan Includes $300 Billion in Tax Cuts
Jan 4-- Russians Raise Ukraine Gas Bill
Jan 4-- Fighting Off Depression
Jan 3-- The Irish Economy’s Rise Was Steep, and the Fall Was Fast
Jan 3-- The End of the Financial World as We Know It
Jan 3-- How to Repair a Broken Financial World
Jan 1-- Bigger Than Bush

Globe and Mail

Jan 31-- Flaherty fears growing protectionism despite government trade pledges
Jan 31-- Budget fails to quell criticisms of PM
Jan 31-- Obama pledges mortgage help with new financial plan
Jan 31-- Obama vows to review 'Buy American' provision
Jan 31-- Wall Street's $18.4-billion last hurrah
Jan 31-- Recession spreads to Canada's storefronts
Jan 31-- Detroit fear spreads to Swedish auto town
Jan 30-- Buy American, spark a global trade war
Jan 30-- The falling stock of workers
Jan 30-- U.S. economy shrinks 3.8%
Jan 30-- How Caisse's bet on quants went wrong
Jan 30-- Economic slide deeper than feared
Jan 30-- $45.2-billion: Exxon's record year
Jan 30-- Rio in $1.6-billion asset sale to Vale
Jan 30-- Fired Fannie worker accused of planting virus
Jan 30-- Who's entitled to regional assistance? It's anyone's guess
Jan 30-- U.S. economy shrinks 3.8%
Jan 30-- Buy American, spark a global trade war
Jan 30-- Let's be careful how we slay deflation dragon
Jan 30-- A little faith in the oil sands
Jan 30-- 'Buy American' bill puts Canada on edge
Jan 30-- The man who called the crash
Jan 29-- Auto deal's fate rides on CAW concessions
Jan 29-- A cold war that refuses to thaw
Jan 29-- The leaks in the plan to fix my leaky roof
Jan 29-- Abandoning Davos Man is not the solution
Jan 29-- And the budget winners are …
Jan 28-- A reasonable prescription for pain relief
Jan 28-- China marches on despite downturn
Jan 27-- I'm feeling so very stimulated!
Jan 27-- Ignatieff to call for changes to budget
Jan 27-- Tax relief and major spending projects
Jan 27-- Car dealers welcome $12-billion boost
Jan 27-- Jobs malaise starts to spread
Jan 27-- The coalition that wasn't and the jobs budget that won't be
Jan 27-- Ottawa moves to open credit flows
Jan 27-- Budget offers a $70-billion credit kickstart
Jan 27-- Calls to change ‘unfair' EI system
Jan 27-- Flaherty's got deficit religion – but can he attain fiscal salvation?
Jan 27-- Harper makes a deal with democracy to stay in power
Jan 27-- Geithner reveals personal finances
Jan 26-- ‘Magnitude' of job losses hits U.S. hard
Jan 26-- Obama steps up the ‘green' pressure
Jan 26-- Honda cuts output by 50,000 vehicles
Jan 26-- Bishop questions ‘moral legitimacy' of oil sands
Jan 26-- IMF slashes global growth forecast
Jan 26-- Tories to pump $7-billion into public works
Jan 26-- Infrastructure preferred way to create jobs: CIBC
Jan 26-- Home prices, sales decline
Jan 26-- Tembec halts mills in Quebec, France
Jan 26-- B.C. discovers underexplored mining areas
Jan 26-- GM cutting another 2,000 jobs
Jan 26-- Amex profit tumbles 79%
Jan 26-- Texas Instruments cuts 3,400 jobs
Jan 26-- Kremlin will decide fate of oligarch
Jan 25-- Tories pledge $1.5-billion for job training
Jan 25-- Air Canada lays off more staff
Jan 24-- Obama details economic aid plan
Jan 24-- Ford does not need U.S. government loans: CEO
Jan 24-- EU riots expose roots of anger
Jan 24-- Texas oil country sees downturn coming
Jan 24-- Obama plans quick action on financial regulation
Jan 23-- McGuinty to consider harmonizing sales tax
Jan 23-- Canadian pension plans set loss record
Jan 23-- U.S. tough talk could antagonize China
Jan 23-- A rosy forecast: Possible, if it all goes right
Jan 23-- Chrysler ‘alive and well,' president says
Jan 23-- Oil jumps more than 6 per cent
Jan 23-- Harley to close plants and slash staff
Jan 23-- Gold surges past $900 mark
Jan 23-- GE profit plunges 46 per cent
Jan 23-- Toyota considers job cuts in North America
Jan 22-- Recession clouds roll into Asia
Jan 22-- Painful downturn, quick rebound
Jan 22-- Oil sands layoffs coming down pipeline
Jan 22-- RIM investors take OSC penalty talks in stride
Jan 22-- Big bonuses, costly commodes: Thain out at B of A
Jan 22-- Ottawa will go $64-billion in the red, official says
Jan 22-- Outgoing Rio Tinto Alcan CEO appointed AbitibiBowater chairman
Jan 22-- Sliding ruble revives fears of unrest
Jan 22-- Recession catches up to Microsoft
Jan 22-- Nokia profit drops 69 per cent
Jan 22-- Ottawa announces $10.7-million digital media project
Jan 21-- Ericsson profit drops 31%, to cut 5,000 jobs
Jan 20-- IBM earnings beat forecasts
Jan 20-- Markets tumble on banking woes
Jan 20-- U.K. bank bailout 'a matter of weeks'
Jan 20-- Suncor slashes spending as oil drops lower
Jan 20-- Bank's key rate cut to record low
Jan 20-- Prince's firm takes $8-billion hit
Jan 20-- Bell offers retirement incentive to 1,500 employees
Jan 20-- Catalyst Paper cuts mill output
Jan 20-- Canadian, U.S. energy policy to be inextricably linked: Prentice
Jan 20-- Rio Tinto Alcan to cut aluminum output, close Quebec smelter
Jan 19-- Ottawa offers assistance for pipeline
Jan 19-- Hurry up on bailout talks, Clement tells car makers
Jan 19-- Fiat, Chrysler in partnership talks: source
Jan 19-- SFK Pulp halts payments to investors
Jan 19-- Aluminum price drops more than 4%
Jan 16-- Canadian innovation
Jan 16-- West Fraser: Not being blinded by the bad
Jan 16-- A narrow-minded index gets narrower
Jan 16-- Nortel creditors span the works
Jan 16-- The Merrill takeover: Patriotic bumbling?
Jan 16-- Circuit City's The Source to remain open
Jan 16-- B.C. supports regulator, with or without Hyndman
Jan 16-- Tight credit starts to bite consumers
Jan 16-- Citigroup splits company
Jan 16-- Toyota cuts N. American output
Jan 16-- U.S. inflation lowest since 1954
Jan 16-- Will Nortel still have the money to go to school?
Jan 14-- CanWest warns on debt covenant, weighs asset sales
Jan 14-- Worst may be ahead: CanWest
Jan 14-- Chavez seeks gold-mining venture with Russians
Jan 14-- Nortel needs a plan, fast
Jan 14-- Nortel to remain as sponsor of Vancouver Games
Jan 14-- Mike Z – Nortel's last, best CEO?
Jan 14-- Lawrence Surtees on Nortel's troubles
Jan 14-- Zafirovski's December reckoning
Jan 14-- ‘The company just didn't move fast enough'
Jan 14-- Barclays Global shuts Canadian trading operation
Jan 14-- Bank of America to get more aid: WSJ
Jan 14-- Motorola to cut 4,000 more jobs in 2009
Jan 14-- Canada won't avoid recession, Conference Board says
Jan 14-- Gloomy Fed offers no joy
Jan 14-- Irish PM denies IMF bailout needed
Jan 14-- Deutsche Bank loses €4.8-billion
Jan 14-- Dubai skyscraper work halted
Jan 14-- No talks to sell assets, Chrysler says
Jan 14-- An oligarch stumbles, a tiny nation suffers
Jan 13-- Barclays cuts investment jobs
Jan 13-- ING Group trimming 750 U.S. jobs
Jan 13-- Canada's trade surplus weakens
Jan 13-- U.S. trade deficit shrinks sharply
Jan 13-- OECD projects 'strong slowdown' in Canada
Jan 13-- EnCana posts reward for tips on bombings
Jan 13-- Oil nudged higher by Bernanke comments
Jan 13-- Saudi to cut oil supply below OPEC targets
Jan 13-- Loonie hovers below 82 cents
Jan 13-- Pfizer laying off up to 800 scientists
Jan 13-- U.S. bankruptcy filings surge in 2008
Jan 13-- Behind the bid for a national regulator
Jan 13-- Memo to Flaherty: Careful what you wish for
Jan 13-- China's runaway demand for cars stalls
Jan 11-- Magna, Ford partner on battery-powered car
Jan 11-- Saudi to cut output below OPEC target: Reuters
Jan 10-- CEO says Daimler won't cut spending on planning and research
Jan 10-- Cheer up: Canada's in good shape
Jan 9-- How you can tighten your belt in a recession
Jan 9-- Growing Barrick: Regent grabs the challenge
Jan 9-- Prepare for ‘substantial' job losses, Tories warn
Jan 9-- Boeing to slash 4,500 jobs
Jan 9-- Bad economy takes pizzazz out of tech show
Jan 9-- CAW won't accept strike ban for bailout money
Jan 9-- U.S. jobs recession: Here to stay a while
Jan 8-- Canada's oil sells for less
Jan 8-- Teck slashes work force in debt battle
Jan 8-- ‘Our digital lives will only get richer'
Jan 8-- Banks 'well placed to lend'
Jan 8-- Chevron warns of lower profit
Jan 8-- Central bank to ‘stress test' for risk
Jan 8-- Canadian pension plans' solvency at record lows
Jan 8-- Dell cuts Irish jobs, shifts to Poland
Jan 7-- Australian analysts look beyond grim 2009
Jan 7-- Oil plunges on reserve report
Jan 7-- Market winning streak snaps
Jan 7-- Reitmans sales slip 2.1 per cent in final quarter
Jan 7-- Cut taxes now, cut spending later, Flaherty told
Jan 7-- India rocked by financial scandal
Jan 7-- Time Warner to take $25-billion charge
Jan 7-- Russia halts gas supply until Ukraine agrees to pay
Jan 7-- No turning back on Fannie and Freddie, Paulson says
Jan 7-- U.S. private-sector job losses pick up steam
Jan 7-- Oneida's North American stores get the knife
Jan 7-- Desperate for credit
Jan 7-- M&S axes jobs as UK rate cut looms
Jan 7-- Germany adds to global job woes
Jan 6-- Worst is yet to come, Fed acknowledges
Jan 6-- Flaherty seeks new ways to get credit going
Jan 6-- Parts maker's financial woes spark standoff
Jan 6-- Apple cuts the digital locks off iTunes
Jan 6-- Alcoa to slash 13,500 jobs
Jan 6-- Europeans shiver from Russia-Ukraine dispute
Jan 6-- Housing market braces for correction, not crash
Jan 6-- Navistar plant cutting 200 more jobs
Jan 6-- Rogers hurt by falling iPhone sales
Jan 6-- Raw materials prices have record drop
Jan 6-- Western Canadian to cut operations at B.C. mines
Jan 6-- Oil slips on new recession worries
Jan 6-- Loonie poised to take a run at greenback?
Jan 6-- Toyota orders output halt in Japan
Jan 5-- Canadian auto sales skid 21 per cent
Jan 5-- Chrysler U.S. sales plunge 53 per cent
Jan 5-- Caisse CEO steps down
Jan 5-- The next Caisse CEO should be...
Jan 5-- December fund outflows expected to total $730-million
Jan 5-- How the Middle East crisis affects oil prices
Jan 5-- Europe squeezed as Russia slows natural gas flow
Jan 5-- Waterford Wedgwood calls in receivers
Jan 4-- It's a new year. Is the worst over for the markets?
Jan 4-- Obama's commerce secretary withdraws
Jan 4-- UK's Brown pledges to create 100,000 jobs
Jan 4-- Gazprom talks tough with Ukraine
Jan 4-- Merkel agrees to tax relief in new stimulus plan
Jan 4-- Oil prices climb 3 per cent
Jan 3-- Multibillion-dollar gas plant planned in B.C.
Jan 2-- U.S. factories in worst slump in 28 years
Jan 2-- Flaherty, bank chiefs square off on lending
Jan 2-- A new year, a new Cossette
Jan 2-- Auto industry girds for chilling sales report

National Post

Jan 31-- Fresh U.S. economic blow a 'disaster': Obama
Jan 31-- It's up to Obama to avert trade war
Jan 31-- Governments throwing Hail Mary passes
Jan 30-- 1930 all over again
Jan 30-- Recession tightens grip on Canada
Jan 30-- Quebec’s minimum hourly wage rising to $9
Jan 30-- U.S. economy shrinks 3.8% in fourth quarter
Jan 30-- Grim Japan, U.S. figures show crisis deepening
Jan 30-- More Davos 'globaloney'
Jan 30-- Canada's recession body count seen higher
Jan 30-- Canada could be worse off than the U.S.
Jan 29-- CAW open to cutting labour costs
Jan 29-- More Davos ‘globaloney’
Jan 29-- Ford's worst annual performance ever
Jan 29-- Volvo asks for US623-million loan
Jan 29-- Barack Obama’s Keynesian mistakeBarack Obama’s Keynesian mistake
Jan 29-- Lose your job, Hyundai will take your car back
Jan 27-- An unneeded stimulus
Jan 27-- A budget for the wishful thinker in everyone
Jan 27-- Liberals to choose 'calmly' whether to support budget
Jan 27-- Flaherty digs himself a deep, dark hole
Jan 27-- Tax relief for lower and middle-income Canadians
Jan 27-- $40-billion recipe to juice economy
Jan 27-- EI benefits extended by five weeks
Jan 27-- Canada is running a deficit: What the #!%*?
Jan 27-- Money for nearly everything in Tory recession remedy
Jan 27-- Corporate tax cuts won't be accelerated
Jan 27-- Opposition parties react to budget; Ignatieff determines its fate
Jan 26-- Canadian auto workers most productive: study
Jan 26-- Rules no longer apply on the Hill
Jan 26-- Tory budget to offer big stimulus numbers, but few surprises
Jan 26-- Early budget announcements draw enthusiasm, concern
Jan 26-- Ottawa vows 'clear and focused plan' for recovery
Jan 26-- Canada earmarks $7-billion for infrastructure
Jan 26-- Global infrastructure spending jumps
Jan 26-- Fraser Institute calls for spending restraint in budget
Jan 26-- More than 75,000 jobs lost in corporate carnage
Jan 26-- Caterpillar to chop 20,000 jobs
Jan 26-- Sprint Nextel to cut up to 8,000 jobs, take charge
Jan 26-- Home Depot to cut 7,000 jobs, exit Expo business
Jan 26-- European banks see losses, announce job cuts
Jan 26-- GM to shut Oshawa plant for extra week, cut 2,000 U.S. jobs
Jan 26-- European banks see losses, announce job cuts
Jan 26-- It’s a good time to bet on the loonie
Jan 26-- Geithner confirmed as Treasury secretary
Jan 25-- Tories mark $1B for job creation
Jan 25-- Baird expected to outline budget’s infrastructure spending
Jan 25-- Flaherty’s tumultuous tenure leads to historic budget
Jan 25-- The Patch: Peak supply vs. peak demand
Jan 25-- Obama: support Canadian oil or Asia must
Jan 25-- Oil now rising on fundamentals: UBS
Jan 24-- A refresher on pre-election tax promises
Jan 24-- It will still have the Tory stamp
Jan 24-- Getting out of this hole will hurt
Jan 23-- A Canadian solution to the banking crisis
Jan 22-- Tory strategy ignores the real $64B question
Jan 22-- Growth will resume in mid-2009: BoC
Jan 22-- Business credit expected to tighten
Jan 22-- Ottawa out of the shadows on budget defict
Jan 22-- Obama believes China 'manipulating' currency: Geithner
Jan 22-- RIM chief in rough with securities regulators
Jan 22-- Ottawa out of the shadows on budget defict
Jan 22-- Tim and Jim climb up deficit hill
Jan 22-- Junior oil producers concerned about reserves writedowns
Jan 22-- Bill Doyle mulls Potash options
Jan 22-- Ottawa pumps cash into high-tech research
Jan 21-- So long, Detroit. Foreign automakers embrace the U.S. South
Jan 20-- Canada's lending rate cut to record low 1%
Jan 20-- Cutbacks loom in the oil patch
Jan 20-- Retail banks pass on rate cut
Jan 20-- Manufacturing sales drop for fourth month in row
Jan 19-- No sector immune to fiscal setbacks
Jan 16-- We have become a nation of beggars
Jan 16-- Nortel sitting on $1.4B in tax
Jan 16-- Pay woes for Nortel U.S. staff
Jan 16-- Nortel asset sale challenge for Tories
Jan 16-- Nortel’s rise and fall as ‘the chosen instrument’
Jan 16-- Industry decline evident at lacklustre Detroit auto show
Jan 16-- Don Martin: Ten premiers intent on digging their way into debt
Jan 15-- Customers sticking with Nortel, for now.
Jan 14-- Wave of auto supplier 'failures' coming, says Magna CEO
Jan 14-- The long, sad fall of Canada's corporate giant
Jan 14-- Terence Corcoran: Nortel’s rise and fall as ‘the chosen instrument’
Jan 14-- Nortel not expected to survive intact
Jan 14-- Nortel's fall: A timeline
Jan 14-- Battle looms over tech giant's pensions
Jan 14-- BA Energy first oil sands developer to file for protection
Jan 14-- National Post records Q1 profit
Jan 14-- Canwest revenue rises despite ad slump
Jan 14-- Detroit's hybrid nightmare
Jan 14-- William Watson: Deflation isn’t the problem
Jan 13-- An agenda for Obama, Canada
Jan 13-- Oilsands on agenda for Obama visit: Harper
Jan 13-- Oil settles above US$37
Jan 13-- Talisman rolls out 'conservative' spending plan
Jan 13-- More steps needed to stabilize banks, Bernanke says
Jan 13-- Bullish on Great Canadian Gaming despite weather and gambling slowdown
Jan 11-- Ford teams with Magna to develop battery-powered electric car
Jan 11-- Chrysler insists not looking for new owner
Jan 10-- Even Wal-Mart Republic feels pain
Jan 9-- Ottawa plans big, comprehensive action: Harper
Jan 9-- Retail woes spreading to Canada
Jan 9-- NDP strengthens its credentials
Jan 9-- Globe and Mail likely to lay off unspecified number of staff
Jan 8-- Canada fights for share of Chinese lumber demand
Jan 8-- Problem lies in banks not lending to one another
Jan 8-- Ottawa must address access to credit in budget: manufacturers
Jan 8-- Dickson flexes muscles as chief financial regulator
Jan 8-- Economists weigh in on outlook for 2009
Jan 8-- Chinese selling cheap cars in Mexico
Jan 8-- Global auto industry in reverse, surveys find
Jan 8-- Oil sands companies keen to throw off dirty tag
Jan 8-- A Great Wall of carbon credits
Jan 8-- B.C. forestry minister wants 'single face' for China-bound exports
Jan 8-- Billions pulled out of China
Jan 7-- Canadians not deflated about economic outlook
Jan 7-- Oil tumbles 12%, most in seven years
Jan 7-- Gasoline slides most since October
Jan 7-- TSX drops 3.7%, winning streak ends
Jan 7-- Loonie falls as oil tumbles
Jan 7-- 91% of Canadians say country is in recession
Jan 7-- Ottawa budgets for large, but temporary deficits: Harper aide
Jan 7-- U.S. private employers shed 693,000 jobs
Jan 7-- U.S. budget deficit to hit US$1.2-trillion in fiscal 2009
Jan 7-- Slower drilling precursor to falling natural gas supply
Jan 6-- Either way you look at it, oil sands in for long slump
Jan 6-- Budget will address credit concerns: Flaherty
Jan 6-- Provinces must help with stimulus: Ottawa
Jan 6-- Radical changes to U.S. labour policy loom
Jan 5-- After the oil sands rush: Lauerman
Jan 5-- Canadian auto sales sag 21% in December
Jan 5-- U.S. car sales plunge in December
Jan 5-- GM's top strategic consultant a Canadian
Jan 5-- Hyundai rolls out new incentive program
Jan 5-- Canadian homebuilders deny market headed for meltdown
Jan 5-- TD, National Bank move to boost capital
Jan 5-- Economic pundits say the worst may be over
Jan 5-- Madoff called a flight risk after mailing US$1M in jewellery to family
Jan 5-- ABCP advisors, $200-million; ABCP investors, zero
Jan 5-- Bombardier wins $2.4-billion rail order in Germany
Jan 4-- Toyota poised to jump past Chrysler as Canada's second largest automaker
Jan 2-- CEO pay in Canada to come under spotlight
Jan 2-- 'It's going to take time'
Jan 2-- 'Carnage Out There'
Jan 2-- TSX off to best start in 30 years

International Papers

Jan 31-- Government officials intervene in strikes
Jan 31-- Dawn of new age of industrial unrest as wildcat strikes spread across UK
Jan 31-- What if the English patient doesn't get better?
Jan 31-- Four sober steps on the road to recovery
Jan 31-- Total stupidity makes British patience snap
Jan 31-- Government to nationalise failing private schools
Jan 31-- Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets
Jan 31-- Rio close to £10bn Chinese capital injection
Jan 31-- Little room for optimism in the snow
Jan 31-- Davies looks to dispel UK despondency
Jan 31-- White House finalises financial rescue plan
Jan 31-- Networking site cashes in on friends
Jan 31-- Gordon Brown calls for global co-operation to beat economic slump
Jan 31-- All Britain needs is confidence in itself
Jan 30-- Gordon Brown's pledge to create 'British jobs for British workers' is another regret
Jan 30-- Financial crisis: UK job losses
Jan 30-- Gordon Brown warns of void left by collapse of global financial system
Jan 30-- Gordon Brown is a busted flush – and he's taking us down with him
Jan 30-- US economy slows at fastest pace in 26 years
Jan 30-- From Caterpillar cuts to Kodak cull: A week in lost jobs
Jan 30-- Japan heads for worst recession since second world war
Jan 30-- We must not resort to protectionism, warns Brown
Jan 30-- Strikes spread across Britain as oil refinery protest escalates
Jan 29-- Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin calls for end of dollar stranglehold
Jan 29-- With more gloom descending, can the market avoid a February fold?
Jan 28-- Treasury plan isn't working, MPs say
Jan 28-- Warning over collapse in capital flows
Jan 28-- Retail forecast is gloomiest on record after poor start to year, CBI says
Jan 28-- Davos 2009: China feels the heat up in the Alps
Jan 27-- Treasury to outline £50bn plan
Jan 27-- Job losses mount as downturn steepens
Jan 27-- Steel workers demand same government subsidies as European rivals
Jan 27-- All together now: it's hopeless. We're doomed
Jan 27-- IMF chief turns up heat on China over yuan
Jan 27-- Barclays shares soar 73pc to lift feeble banks
Jan 27-- British Airways' £150m loss could threaten Iberia talks
Jan 27-- US hit by 60,000 job cuts
Jan 27-- Beware the rise of protectionism
Jan 26-- Exaggerated claim that we're going down the plughole must be rejected
Jan 26-- Pound strengthens against dollar but Jim Rogers predicts further falls
Jan 26-- Traditional Sunday roast 'will become a delicacy due to rising food prices'
Jan 26-- Iceland's government collapses under strain of financial crisis
Jan 26-- Gordon Brown's public sector investment plans crippled by recession
Jan 26-- Resignation of Catherine Hughes triggers fresh doubts about future of BP's oil-sands project
Jan 26-- 'No country, no matter how powerful . . . can control the forces of globalisation on its own'
Jan 26-- City lost the plot on bailout, ministers claim
Jan 26-- American exporters in last-ditch attempt to stop Obama raising the trade barriers
Jan 26-- Carmakers bow to government pressure to keep state aid within national borders
Jan 26-- Moody's warns of downgrades as pension schemes take hit
Jan 26-- Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown ...
Jan 26-- Middle East backers 'will pay what it takes' to block Barclays bailout
Jan 26-- Scots 'must maintain social enterprise tradition'
Jan 25-- Sun setting on Europe
Jan 25-- Top economist issues deflation warning
Jan 25-- Pension Protection Fund shortfall could reach £1bn
Jan 25-- Is it too late for Britain's banks to make an honest living?
Jan 25-- RBS to purge directors in big shake-up
Jan 25-- Ken Clarke dismisses David Cameron's claim that Britain is going bankrupt
Jan 25-- Bad news: we're back to 1931. Good news: it's not 1933 yet
Jan 25-- Corporate cuts spread as 6,000 face axe
Jan 25-- A chill wind blows through Davos as global crisis bites
Jan 24-- Want to be a banker? The Government is the only place to work
Jan 24-- Crunched - for Iceland read Ireland?
Jan 24-- Revealed: Day the banks were just three hours from collapse
Jan 23-- Britain may need IMF bail-out, warns David Cameron
Jan 23-- Obama team accuses China of manipulating its currency
Jan 23-- Britain set to enter recession officially
Jan 23-- Grim times for Scottish industry
Jan 23-- UK recession: Figures to provide official confirmation of downturn
Jan 23-- Timothy Geithner currency 'manipulation' accusation angers China
Jan 23-- UK recession: How bad will this one be?
Jan 23-- Hedge fund made millions betting on Barclays crash
Jan 22-- Japan tears up growth forecast
Jan 22-- China prepares for the Year of the Slump
Jan 22-- US unemployment up as housing starts fall 15%
Jan 22-- The new worker's dilemma: take a pay cut or risk getting the sack
Jan 21-- French government to pump €6bn into ailing car industry
Jan 20-- UK cannot take Iceland's soft option
Jan 20-- New Bank of England powers will start in weeks
Jan 20-- US stock markets fail to register Barack Obama bounce
Jan 20-- Lloyds shares tumble despite chairman Sir Victor Blank's assurances
Jan 20-- 'No desire' for nationalisation of RBS
Jan 20-- Obama inauguration fails to lift US stock
Jan 20-- State Street shares plunge as costs mount
Jan 20-- King paves way to fire up Bank’s printing press
Jan 20-- Lloyds dives as nationalisation fears shift
Jan 20-- Sterling plunges on public debt concerns
Jan 20-- Irish bank shares tumble as renewed fears grip sector
Jan 20-- Royal Bank of Scotland: the bank that sank
Jan 20-- Cost to taxpayer could get out of control if recession deepens, say economists
Jan 20-- RBS chief Stephen Hester attacks short-selling as shares slide
Jan 20-- Hubris to nemesis: how Sir Fred Goodwin became the ‘world’s worst banker’
Jan 20-- Downing Street closes the door on former friend Sir Fred Goodwin
Jan 20-- RBS goes from toxic to radioactive
Jan 20-- Britain to suffer 'deepest slump since 1946 and worst of big EU economies'
Jan 20-- RBS: How the mighty have fallen
Jan 20-- 'Britain's not going bust' as Brown bails out banks again
Jan 20-- RBS chief defends bank as share price plummets
Jan 20-- Scottish economy 'at 25-year low'
Jan 20-- It's not all gloom and doom on high street
Jan 20-- Lloyds bond deal aims to save it from RBS's fate
Jan 20-- Let the bad times roll: the recession they can't wait to have
Jan 20-- Businesses brace for harder times
Jan 20-- European car industry 'faces collapse'
Jan 20-- Bank of England governor paves way for 'quantitative easing'
Jan 20-- BHP to close Australia nickel mine indefinitely
Jan 20-- Irish banks no longer covered by compensation scheme
Jan 20-- The nuclear options
Jan 19-- Public anger growing at 'irresponsible' banks
Jan 19-- Banking bailout: The big question
Jan 19-- RBS shares crash 67pc as bank leads fall in battered UK banks
Jan 19-- National debt will be three quarters of country's wealth
Jan 19-- RBS has a bad day but it could get worse
Jan 19-- Gordon Brown's bank rescue plan - what the key measures really mean
Jan 18-- Bank shares to suffer as US, UK crises deepen
Jan 18-- Job fears deaden Brown bounce
Jan 19-- UK bonds tumble on Government's second banking bail-out
Jan 18-- Taxpayers face years of debt in bank salvage deal
Jan 18-- Unemployment will soar to 3.4 million, thinktank warns
Jan 17-- Barclays loses billions off its share value
Jan 17-- Ministers seek way of boosting loans to cash-strapped firms
Jan 17-- Irish prime minister defends decision to nationalise Anglo Irish Bank
Jan 17-- John Varley may yet have to walk the plank over Barclays losses
Jan 17-- Washington plots next step after aid to Citigroup and Bank of America
Jan 17-- Heroic handling needed to save economy
Jan 17-- Government's key man takes top RBS job
Jan 17-- What will come of this giant economic experiment?
Jan 16-- The cleansing of British banks will take some serious faith healing
Jan 16-- Barclays shares in new collapse as bank crisis enters second phase
Jan 16-- US banks reveal further heavy losses
Jan 16-- Bank's Gieve predicts tough year ahead
Jan 16-- Commercial property 'will halve in value'
Jan 16-- Government will use Northern Rock to boost lending
Jan 16-- Barclays shares slump 25pc in last hour
Jan 16-- Anglo Irish: The Celtic Tiger loses its roar
Jan 16-- Anglo Irish Bank faces nationalisation as shares suspended
Jan 16-- Anglo Irish collapse – what it means for UK savers
Jan 15-- Anglo Irish Bank nationalised
Jan 15-- Scotland's manufacturers hit by downturn as exports slide 1%
Jan 15-- 1,000 more jobs at risk as gloom deepens
Jan 12-- Gordon Brown's jobs drive 'undermined by immigration policies'
Jan 12-- The bond bubble has long since burst: investors, ignore this at you peril
Jan 12-- CBI implores the Government to speed up plans to rescue UK economy
Jan 12-- £2,500 ‘golden hellos’ to get jobless back to work
Jan 12-- Leading economist fears decade of weakness in US
Jan 12-- Oil traders demand ships to store crude before prices rebound
Jan 12-- Eurozone may be next for a test to breaking point
Jan 12-- Slump in graduate jobs 'is threat to hopes of recovery'
Jan 12-- Financial services gloom deepens as income and profit fall at record rate
Jan 12-- Oil firms may put projects on hold until costs fall
Jan 12-- Shenhua eyes Rio's Coal & Allied
Jan 12-- Rio shelves Brazilian plans
Jan 12-- Driving in the last-chance saloon: Detroit's car firms defy naysayers
Jan 12-- Job ads at recession level
Jan 11-- Obama promises to overhaul Tarp
Jan 9-- US unemployment: highest job losses for year since second world war
Jan 9-- Manufacturing output falling at fastest rate since 1980s
Jan 8-- The Times MPC split over how best to fight recession
Jan 8-- Carmakers seek cash from banks as doubts grow over government bailout
Jan 8-- Rise in US unemployment tipped to be biggest for 59 years
Jan 7-- Premium Bond payouts halved in a year
Jan 7-- UK loses further 1,400 jobs as Barclays and Cattles cut staff
Jan 7-- Gazprom brands Ukraine 'a barbarian' in gas row
Jan 7-- Europe begins to freeze as gas taps are turned off in energy war
Jan 7-- Gazprom is not a market player, it’s a political weapon
Jan 7-- Chancellor set to print more cash as interest rates hit record low
Jan 7-- States of emergency declared across Europe over gas
Jan 5-- Asia stocks kick off 2009 with broad rally
Jan 5-- Russian gas row cuts supplies to Europe
Jan 5-- US banks drawn into Bernard Madoff scandal amid fear of more victims
Jan 5-- Canadian oil-sand mines stuck as crude price plummets
Jan 5-- Global economic gloom ahead
Jan 4-- Asia needs to fully wake up to the scale of the West's economic crisis
Jan 4-- Russian gas cuts start to hit Europe
Jan 4-- Brown admits recession could be deeper than forecast
Jan 3-- Meltdown camouflages corporate pillage and plunder
Jan 3-- Banks defy Brown call to free up credit
Jan 3-- Why is stuff getting so cheap?

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