Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Through rain, sleet and snow, but not necessarily on time

Canada Post’s woes on the Queen Charlotte’s continue as the nation’s mail service becomes something a little on the less side of reliable these days.

Already facing a backlash over their previous transportation plans, the mail service to the Charlotte’s grows even less on schedule as BC Ferries shuts down their regular service to the Islands for January, resulting in a more weather reliant barge system to take over, which is becoming a going concern for residents seeking some kind of assurance that the mail will get through.

The Queen Charlotte’s Island Observer featured the details on the latest travails of the mails…

Seniors’ cheques snagged by slow mail service
Queen Charlotte Islands Observer
January 5, 2009

Mail delivery troubles continued over the holidays, says Queen Charlotte mayor Carol Kulesha.
No mail whatsoever arrived on the islands between Dec. 23 and Dec. 29, she said. Most disturbing, Ms Kulesha said, is that pension cheques were a week late.

Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan cheques were delivered Dec. 22 in other parts of Canada, but on the islands, people didn't receive them until Dec. 30, she said.

The pre-Christmas delivery is so people "could approach the Christmas season with a little more money in their pockets," she said. But instead they got nothing.

She said some of the problems are laughable, like the Christmas card she got from Prince Rupert which took nine days to get to the islands, and the special deal Canada Post Venture One customers were offered for mailing packages before Dec. 14. The advertisement didn't arrive in mail boxes until Dec. 16.

"Other problems are not so funny," she said. "Our problems with Canada Post are only going to get worse."

That's because with ferry service suspended for the month of Janaury, mail will have to be transported by barge, with service only twice a week and weather dependent.

Ms Kulesha has heard nothing more from the federal government but was pleased to see that MP Nathan Cullen is seeking more information from people on the issue. She hopes everyone has sent any complaints they have to him as he requested.

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