Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger tales?

We may never know the real circumstances (and really should we be so concerned) of what happened at the end of Tiger Wood's driveway on the morning after Thanksgiving, but as can be found on pretty well every television show it's apparently one of the more pressing questions of the day.

The mysterious crash of his car into a fire hydrant and tree has spurred on no shortage of rumours of marital infidelities especially in the more competitive celebrity and tabloid press, complete with an apparent line up of eager to tell lasses with tales. All we're sure destined for TMZ, US, Extra and whatever other television show and celebrity website will have them.

For his part Tiger Woods is keeping as low a profile as the world's most popular golfer can, having chosen not to talk further to the Florida Highway Patrol, from that point the Florida authorities have closed the books on the incidnt and he has since been charged with a careless driving offence, which will provide for a fine of 164 dollars and four demerit points for his driving record.

His lawyers, agents and image consultants will no doubt earn their pay over the next few weeks as they try to control any of the image damage that his very public car accident has caused, all while trying to keep the sudden rash of bimbo alerts under control as well. Perhaps a call to Bill Clinton might help in that particular department, he having gone a few rounds on that particular course.

Who really knows where the truth lies on this misguided drive, it being early in the morning there were but two witnesses, Woods and his wife Elin. But, undeterred a Chinese website has tried to help us all out with a re-enactment of the entire incident, using the world of the Sims and a pretty vivid imagination to give us a glimpse of the possibilities.

The re-enactment was first discovered from the True/slant website by way of Sean, one of our more loyal of readers.

We look forward to the EA Sports special edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, where driving will take on a whole new meaning and the hazards lay off the course and on!

Update: Dec 2, 7:30 am -Tiger Woods issues his mea culpa on his website.

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