Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We'll be dreaming of a Green Christmas

Prepare to make those Christmas calls to friends and family in the colder zones and be sure to mention our temperature on the big day. As it seems our recent bout of Arctic fronts, snow, sleet and slush appears to be coming to an end.

The Weather Network's look ahead forecast for the remainder of this week and into the weekend seems to be providing for some Pacific warming that should render our icy conditions but a memory by Christmas Day.

The High temperature for Christmas Eve is to be 7 degrees C, while Christmas Day will be welcomed in with a High of 10 and south easterly winds of 20km/h!
Boxing Day will be much the same with a High of 9 expected.

Things cool off for the remainder of the weekend though the highs of 4 should be more than bearable after the last couple of weeks on the north coast.

Regardless, while we won't have that Christmas card setting of a gentle snowfall descending on the city, it would appear that at least snow shovelling won't be in among your Christmas Day activities, which should bring a smile or two to local residents.
Unless of course, the prognostication skills of Environment Canada prove to be less than accurate over the next five days or so.

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