Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the economy (Deccember 31, 2009)

What other pops are to come after the final champagne bottle of New Years Eve is opened, are you ready for Spidey Mouse?, and a mighty wind blows from China, some of the items of note for Thursday, the last day of 2009.

Globe and Mail-- The Lost Decade
Globe and Mail-- Swords already drawn over Mackenzie report
Globe and Mail-- Five bubbles set to burst in 2010
National Post-- Bombardier wins Spanish rail contract
National Post-- Canada pipeline report may help unlock federal funds
National Post-- Liquidation World takes loss as turnaround continues
New York Times-- In Spain, a Soaring Jobless Rate for Young Workers
New York Times-- Asia Free-Trade Zone Raises Hopes, and Some Fears About China
New York Times-- Sparking a Savings Revolution
USA Today-- Stocks post biggest rebound in 2009 since Great Depression
USA Today-- North Korea bans foreign currencies
USA Today-- Marvel shareholders approve acquisition by Disney
Guardian UK online-- Iceland passes bill to repay Icesave losses to Britain and Netherlands
Guardian UK online-- Housing market's 2009 rebound caps record decade for prices – Nationwide
Guardian UK online-- Taxpayers make £26bn loss on stakes in Lloyds Banking Group and RBS
Times Online UK-- Banks tipped to boost mortgages in early 2010
Times Online UK-- Labour sees a City without honour
Times Online UK-- First post-Christmas retail collapse threatens 800 jobs at d2 Jeans
Telegraph UK online-- The economic 'experts' who stopped making sense
Telegraph UK online-- Is the emerging markets party over?
Telegraph UK online-- Miners lead the charge as FTSE 100 rises 22pc in 2009
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Japan Air Lines crisis deepens
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Shine could come off gold next year
Brisbane Times-- Lobbying culture a threat to financial stability: report
Brisbane Times-- Credit growth falls to 17-year low as business takes stock
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- How your life changes from tomorrow
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Crisis deepens for Japan Airlines
People's Daily on line-- Chinese govt to continue curbing coal chemical industry
People's Daily on line-- Foreign companies eye China's e-book market
China Daily-- China protests US duties on oil pipe imports
China Daily-- China to become world's 3rd largest wind power producer
China Daily-- Media praise China's contribution to climate talks
The Times of India-- States may get higher tax share
The Times of India-- No immediate withdrawal of stimulus: FM
The Times of India-- Great decade, but what after Ratan says tata?

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