Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some timely shovelling tips

The Globe and Mail for Saturday presents an interesting look at the mechanics of snow shovelling, an apparently applied science that a good many of us just don't have a handle on.

With any number of new variations on the tried and true snow shovel, the item posted to their online site, outlines that it's not so much the fancy nature of your shovel that gets the job done, but rather how you put it to use in a safe and efficient manner.

Judging by the extended nature of the examination of the art of snow shovelling, one gets the impression that the feature is geared more to the snow belt locations of the country, or as it's referred to by those living on the coastal regions of BC, the rest of the country.

Still, with a recommended pace of light loads and 12 to 15 strokes a minute, the advice seems particularly helpful for the dusting of snow that we've seen so far as Friday edges into Saturday.

Of course, the best advice is that left unsaid, have someone else shovel the driveway for you, making for the best allocation of your assets that you probably could find.

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