Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the economy December 14, 2009

Canadians have more cash, but more debt to go with it, Banking on a frank discussion with the President, and location, location, location in China, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Exxon deal shakes natural gas sector
Globe and Mail-- Charlotte: The town that Bank of America took down
Globe and Mail-- We're richer, but deeper in debt
National Post-- Canada Revenue to push banks in tax evasion probe
National Post-- 'Nobody's safe' as supermajors return to hunt
National Post-- TD tosses cold water on gold party
Vancouver Sun-- Terasen Gas price jumps about $60 per year
Vancouver Sun-- Gold jitters
New York Times-- Dubai Grows Up
New York Times-- As Prices Fall, Blu-ray Players Are Invited Home
USA Today-- Wells Fargo to repay $25 billion in bailout funds
USA Today-- Obama wants banks to make 'extraordinary commitment' to help economy
Guardian UK online-- British Airways Christmas strike set to disrupt 1 million people
Guardian UK online-- Obama summons bankers to White House for 'candid' talk
Times Online UK-- High price of waiting game in the Gulf
Times Online UK-- Third hopeful quits race for government pension work
Telegraph UK online-- Bond price crash is the surest bet in town
Telegraph UK online-- Sarkozy reveals 'grand loan' to secure France's future
Telegraph UK online-- No new taxes except for the rich, the bankers and readers of The Sun
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Slide won't deter RBA
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Dubai funding pledge causes share spike
Brisbane Times-- $12.8b final bid for AXA takeover
Brisbane Times-- Dollar should make big move when it breaks out
Sydney Daily Telegraph -- Home lending to plummet in 2010
People's Daily on line-- China urges healthy development of real estate sector
People's Daily on line-- China's power consumption growth accelerates in November
China Daily-- Hu attends inauguration of China-Central Asia gas pipeline
China Daily-- Export engine warms up, time needed for recovery, upgrading
The Times of India-- GST to have four slabs, says Asim Dasgupta
The Times of India-- GSK, HSBC arms halt ops in Andhra Pradesh

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