Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's the economy (December 9, 2009)

The power of Christ compels you - to invest? Mr. Campbell gains a victory out of Ottawa and the winners and losers under the TARP some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Bank seizures may foreshadow worse turmoil in Venezuela: analyst
Globe and Mail-- The unlikely winners amid the market's stormy ride
Globe and Mail-- Britain hits banks with supertax on bonuses
National Post-- British bankers' pain may be Canada's gain
National Post-- Why didn't Canada's housing market go bust?
National Post-- New ETFs for Christians
Vancouver Sun-- Olympics to pump $800m of travel spending into Vancouver’s economy in 2010: forecast
Vancouver Sun-- Parliament approves HST for B.C., Ontario
New York Times-- Recession Elsewhere, but It’s Booming in China
New York Times-- A Testy Exchange at White House Over Jobs Proposals
New York Times-- Irish Wince as a Budget Proposal Cuts to the Bone
USA Today-- Uncertainty reigns as Dubai market plunges for 3rd day
USA Today-- TARP report: Good for Wall Street, not Main Street
Guardian UK online-- Darling soaks the rich and the rest of us too
Guardian UK online-- Market jitters as Spain joins Dubai on danger list
Times Online UK-- Investors suffer the blues, even though house prices and job placements offer signs of hope
Times Online UK-- ‘Ridiculous’ revision of figures leaves Japanese recovery hopes in tatters
Telegraph UK online-- Pre-Budget report: don't believe in Alistair Darling's promises
Telegraph UK online-- Dubai stock market hit by scale of Nakheel losses
Telegraph UK online-- After Brown's Fantasy Budget of 2007 it's time for Britain's hairshirt
Melbourne Herald Sun-- China prepares for iron ore price war against Rio, BHP-Billiton
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Deficit impact comes right back to China
Melbourne Herald Sun-- BHP-Billiton sells Ravensthorpe to Canadians
Brisbane Times-- State's most lucrative pokie room turns over $93.6m a year
Brisbane Times-- Big business takes advantage of national interest loans
Brisbane Times-- Buyers and sellers at odds over coal accords
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Rift denied after Westpac bank shuffle
People's Daily on line-- Survey indicates better job prospect
People's Daily on line-- China to further boost domestic consumption in 2010: State Council
China Daily-- Real estate investors pick China over Singapore
China Daily-- China's green drive biggest contribution to world: expert
The Times of India-- India blames US for delay in Doha deal
The Times of India-- Industry seeks more tax sops in next Budget

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