Thursday, March 13, 2008

We're now part of Mr. Roger's neighbourhood

They held the official launch party for Rogers wireless in Prince Rupert on Wednesday, as Gordon Nelson, Vice President and General Manager, Rogers Communications, British Columbia celebrated his company's 10 million dollar investment in Northern British Columbia.

Rogers' arrival party took place at the Chances Entertainment Centre, as invited guests learned more about the options available from Prince Rupert's newest communications provider.

There were apparently a few local bugs in the system in the early hours of the Rogers debut, but from all accounts the bulk of them have been cleared up, including a strange scenario where local Citywest phones both land line and cel, wouldn't recognize the Rogers system. That was reportedly taken care of in quick order, so now you can call across town as well as across the country or around the world.

While the Rupert service is now up and running, service has yet to be extended to the Prince Rupert airport area, which is scheduled to be switched on in May of this year. Rogers also hopes to have the bulk of the highway 16 corridor from Rupert to prince George on line by the time summer comes around.

Rogers shared the details of their newest market with the rest of the wired world, with a press release from yesterday's launch. According to the press release the local authorized Rogers dealer in Prince Rupert is listed as Eastwind Emporium on Third Avenue.
Photo above is from the Rogers press release

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