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Podunkian Music Club, February 15, 2008

British Sea Power—No Lucifer

Back in the early days of rock music, a band would know that they were the next hot thing when they would make an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, which provided the world with such groups as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and a host of others that went on to form the foundation of our current era of rock.

The modern day equivalent seems to be the late night television shows of the US networks, The tonight show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman.

An appearance on the stage there is an indication that a band is breaking out of the cult status and becoming more of a mainstream possibility. Which leads us to tonight’s entry on the Music Club.

British Sea Power is group out of Brighton, England who have been toiling away since late 2002. It's said that they are about to make that jump to mass acceptance, as word spreads about their musical approach and the passion of their fans.

Compared at times to such groups as The Cure, Joy Division and Arcade Fire, they are tapping into that stream of music that takes chances, not limited to a pop formula but more of the new sound that the indie bands have brought to music over the last five or six years.

Our feature tonight, is an interesting video effort called No Lucifer, from their latest recording Do You Like Rock Music. It’s a bit more than your usual music video, reminiscent of some of the video offerings from Peter Gabriel in the late eighties.

The bands website has a vast archive of information about their development, and includes a blogging section where the band recounts its current road trip which has seen them travel across Western North America in a lengthy but compact tour.

Time will tell if they live up to the buzz that is currently coming out about them, but the sudden rush of attention from the likes of the Independent and Guardian Newspapers as well as theDavid Letterman Show, which the band appeared on last Wednesday, will certainly go a long way to introducing a few more fans to the new sound coming out of Brighton.

Our introduction tonight begins with No Lucifer, but there are a number of pervious efforts available for the viewing from their website.

Artist—British Sea Power
Recording—Do You Like Rock Music

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