Friday, March 28, 2008

And baby makes three...

Ah yes, all over Vancouver today, royalty checks for Paul Anka are flowing across the border.

The most anticipated baby watch for Vancouver since news of a highly touted draft pick came out of Bethlehem is finally over, as Vancouver radio station CKNW offered up the details of the latest addition to the Luongo family on Friday morning's 8:15 sports cast.

Gabriella Luongo entered the world on Thursday or maybe it was Friday morning time flies eh, (uh just don't mention that to Gina there Roberto, words of experience speaking here) , a healthy little gal for Roberto and Gina, 7 lbs six ounce; Mommy is reported as fine, Daddy well who knows when it comes to Dads eh.

The plans to get Papa Luongo to the hospital in time were as guarded as those of the Canadian Army at Juno beach, with an airlift capacity and ground forces in place to make sure Papa made it to the baby front in time.

Now with operation Baby Gabriella at its successful conclusion, the real test begins, can the Canucks bring home their troops in time for tonight’s match up with the Wild in Minnesota.

With the jet fueled and the rental cars in place it’s hoped that Roberto will be in his familiar place between the pipes for tonight’s vital match with the Wild.

Interestingly enough the blessed event happened when the Canucks were in the most suitable geographical location should a back up have been required, Minneapolis/St. Paul as it is, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Canucks farm club in Winnipeg.

However, the need to call up the farm hand for Roberto apparently won’t be required, the coded messages from Canucks HQ is that Luongo is on his way to play.

This will come as a great relief to Canuck fans that seemed to be getting a little antsy at the prospect of Bobby Lou having taken a family day (or two) to be with his wife at the most important moment in the life of a family. The need to chill out for Vancouver fans is rather obvious at the best of times, but none more than in the last week or so. Folks, its only hockey!

As for Papa, he no doubt is ready to distribute those ever popular cigars (though being in Minnesota we’re sure they won’t be Cubans now aren’t we!), in celebration of the family event. Though we wonder how effective a sleep deprived papa is going to be, playing a team that could put you to sleep by the time the anthem is complete.

For the Canuck’s the news is indeed welcome, with one more distraction now taken care of.
However, there’s no truth to the rumour that Dave Nonis offered Gabriela a walk on contract and plans to use her on the Canuck blue line later tonight…

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