Friday, March 14, 2008

We can hear him now…

Citing the increased activity in the city and the development of the Fairview Container Port and the growing number of cruise ship visits to the city, Rogers unveiled their advanced wireless services to the region on Wednesday.

Gordon Nelson, the vice president and general manager of Rogers in British Columbia was on hand as the long awaited debut of Rogers’s services took place. Nelson outlined his company’s plans at the service launch at the Chances Entertainment Convention Centre, where a display of available technology was provided.

The debut of the Roger’s service was reviewed with a story in Thursday’s Daily News.

Rogers moves into the region
Phone service provider wants to enhance city’s ‘connection to the to the world”
By Leanne Ritchie
The Daily News
Thursday, March 13, 2008
Pages one and two

Rogers Wireless had Prince Rupert’s number yesterday as the company launched advanced wireless services in the Northwest.

The company, which operates cell phone and data services using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), celebrated the $10 million investment with a lunch and technology demonstration at Chances.

“You have a lot of activity going in the city with the expansion of the port, the cruise ship industry growth and it’s a great tourist destination,” said Gordon Nelson, vice-president and general manager, Rogers Communications, British Columbia.

“The Prince Rupert to Prince George corridor is very, very, important to our customers. This level of expansion will enhance your connection to the world.”

The company has four operational sites in Prince Rupert stretching from Fairview to the Industrial Park and it also now offers coverage in Terrace. Nelson described it as “the first step in completing the Prince Rupert – to - Prince George corridor.”
All 17 sites along the corridor area expected to be installed by June 2008, with further deployment on cell sites for the airport and Port Edward and Copper Mountain in Terrace in May.

Given the many travelers entering the region, getting additional cell phone services in the Northwest has been a priority for the city for a number of years.

With the Port of Prince Rupert identified as key to the development of the Asia Pacific Gateway, the province was also pleased to see Rogers enter the local market.

“I appreciated Rogers’ support of our efforts to invest in the future of Northern B. C. with its multi-million dollar network expansion which will bring wireless service to Prince Rupert and other towns in the area,” said Premier Gordon Campbell.

Nelson noted GSM is the dominant technology system world-wide for cell phone users, with more than two billion users.

“GSM brings the international community to Prince Rupert.”

Locally, East Wind Emporium on Third Avenue will be the authorized Rogers dealer, allowing those in the Northwest to have cell service that works anywhere in Rogers network.

Rogers offers roaming in more than 200 countries worldwide and says customers can be reached on their own Prince Rupert phone number anywhere they travel around the world.

“We have to continually invest and continually improve our infrastructure,” said Nelson, noting the company spent $70 million in Canada last year alone.

Rogers is the second company to offer advanced wireless data services in Prince Rupert.

CityWest launched its data services last November.

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