Friday, March 21, 2008

Podunkian Music Club special edition: Adams is back on the music scene

Bryan Adams went home today, helping his Mother and brother celebrate their respective birthdays and revealing what he’s been up to for the last few months. Thursday night he debuted his latest recording at a Vancouver church, an unlikely venue for a rock and roller, but one which provided a pretty intimate backdrop for the latest recording from the Adams catalogue.

It’s been quite a few years since he moved out of his Kitsilano digs and headed overseas, seeking wider fame and fortune than the Canadian music scene of the early eighties from which he debuted. An era in Canadian music that provided a number of hits and a top international star to show the flag around the world, as it turned out he found that Europe was a pretty good fit for his career and has long since been based in London.

He’s normally found these days wandering around England, Europe and other destinations of the world, doing any number of things, including taking photos of celebrities and royalty (there’s a stamp of the Queen somewhere on a letter at this very moment, courtesy of Mr. Adams) but with the release today, he has returned to the art form that has made him rather famous over the last twenty eight years now.

His first studio recording in more than a three years, Number eleven has been released, and Adams hosted a by invitation only secret concert at St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver to celebrate its delivery. The fan base of invitees a congregation of sorts, prepared for the latest hymns from the former hometown boy. Thursday night provided an all acoustic set that played the newest of songs and some of the old familiar hits that many still sing along to today.

One invitee posted a brief snippet of Thursday’s show on YouTube shortly after the show came to an end.

His latest recording brought him back to the successful combinations that marked those hit filled years. This recording features songs written and recorded with Jim Vallance and Mutt Lange, two of the major ingredients in his sound and evolution in music over the years.

He’s about to launch a world tour, reflective in its dates of those countries that find the most resonance in his music these days, South America, Europe and Asia, North America it seems is conspicuous by its absence at the start.

No dates as of yet, have been schedule for Canada, though one imagines that won’t be the situation for long, surely the lad with the Canadian roots will want to haul that guitar across the old homeland one more time at least.

One of the videos of a song from the recording, “I thought I’d Seen Everything” has been uploaded to YouTube, a familiar sounding rock ballad that has that unmistakable Adams sound and should find a fair amount of airplay as his touring dates get under way.

Here’s the studio preview of one of the eleven songs from eleven…

Photo above from the Globe and Mail website

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