Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's the economy Weekend Edition (Saturday, Sunday 20 - 21, 2010)

Dusting off their top coats in Vancouver, the stark reality for millions in the USA and a novel thought from British bankers, some of the items for the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- Task force to consult with Canadians on savings, debt
Globe and Mail-- Toyota boasted saving $100-million on recall, documents show
Globe and Mail-- Shale gas drillers face scrutiny in U.S.
National Post-- U.S. governors sing the praises of Canada
Vancouver Sun-- Provinces pull out all the crowd-pleasing stops to impress Winter Games visitors
New York Times-- The Bankruptcy Boys
New York Times-- The Fat Lady Has Sung
New York Times-- Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs
USA Today-- Internal Toyota memo surfaces on savings, safety
USA Today-- Vancouver prepares for Olympic exodus
Guardian UK online-- No bank should be a burden to the taxpayer, says Barclays' Bob Diamond
Guardian UK online-- Greece not looking for EU handouts with debt crisis, says Papandreou
Guardian UK online-- Cuts must come, but they have to be fair
Times online-- The signs are Barack Obama’s got it down to a Tea
Times online-- Lord Davies: we’ll woo India and China
Telegraph UK online-- Europe's monetary union has become an instrument of deflation torture
Telegraph UK online-- We've got to see sense on the dangers of reckless borrowing
Telegraph UK online-- Gordon Brown: Prime Minister says need to cut spending a 'myth'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- China tightens screws on lenders
Melbourne Herald Sun-- RBA chief Glenn Stevens turns on the heat
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Packer pledges to ease plight of jobless
People's Daily-- Disposable income rises for Chongqing's relocated urban residents in Three Gorges areas
People's Daily-- China's retail sales up 17 pct during Spring Festival

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