Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's the economy (February 3, 2010)

Signs of economic turmoil? On the menu today: flipper pie and caribou casserole and not quite what we had in mind in asset appreciations, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- U.S. headed for another bubble: TARP watchdog
Globe and Mail-- Don't drive recalled Toyotas: U.S.
Globe and Mail-- Major potash exporter raises spot price
National Post-- Are we back in the 1970s?
National Post-- Potash Corp shares gain as BPC raises potash prices
National Post-- Spain could cause nightmare for EU
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. boosts film production tax credits
Vancouver Sun-- B.C.'s tech sector betting on 2010 recovery: survey
New York Times-- E.U. Warns of Tough Supervision of Greece’s Budget
New York Times-- Transportation Chief Hastily Backtracks on ‘Stop Driving It’
New York Times-- Bernanke Takes Oath at Fed, Quietly
USA Today-- Toyota pedal fixes underway, but new crises emerge
USA Today-- Bernanke voices economic concerns as he's sworn in
USA Today-- Movie Gallery files bankruptcy protection again
Guardian UK online-- Service sector slows prompting double-dip recession fear
Guardian UK online-- Ofgem: UK cannot trust energy companies to keep the lights on
Guardian UK online-- European commission dictates 'intense' scrutiny of Greek spending cuts
Guardian UK online-- Finance ministers promised a meal of seal at G7 summit in Iqaluit
Times Online UK-- Europe takes legal action over Greece's debt data
Times Online UK-- Britain must take a cold, hard look at itself
Telegraph UK online-- Tories will need emergency Budget for Britain to avoid the risk of a Greek mess
Telegraph UK online-- Greece under EU protectorate as funds shift fire to Portugal
Telegraph UK online-- US commodities market under attack
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Akron collapse delivers $18m hit for ANZ
Melbourne Herald Sun-- A pause, but rates will go higher
Brisbane Times-- Banker busted appraising model's assets
Brisbane Times-- Oiling those squeaky wheels of government
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Failed broadband tender cost $30m
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- What a degree's really worth in earnings
People's Daily on line-- What's next for China's monetary policy?
People's Daily on line-- China to focus on a stable exit strategy in 2010: economist
China Daily-- China should increase social spending - OECD report
China Daily-- China firms continue global hunt for lucrative commodities
Times of India-- ‘It’s a myth that only leaders know things’
Times of India-- Biyani opens community shops

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