Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition, February 13 - 14, 2010)

Will Vancouver's games leave a legacy? Making sense of Europe's mess and Canada turns to China for tar sands development, some of the items from the weekends news dispatches.

Globe and Mail-- Germany's no-bailout approach to Greece deepening
Globe and Mail-- Chinese investors eye Canadian housing boom
Globe and Mail-- What legacy, Vancouver?
National Post-- CEOs unite for GST hike
National Post-- The West Wants Out of the Western Climate Initiative
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. welcomes the corporate world
New York Times-- U.S. Housing Aid Winds Down, and Cities Worry
New York Times-- In Detroit, Is There Life After the Big 3?
New York Times-- The Making of a Euromess
USA Today-- Investor angst up as economic fixes begin 'unwinding'
USA Today-- Chrysler dealers upbeat, worried after meeting
Guardian UK online-- EU toughens stance on Greek bailout
Guardian UK online-- Canada looks to China to exploit oil sands rejected by US
Guardian UK online-- Everybody is waiting for everybody else to revive the world economy
Times online-- Fears grow over prospect of 'jobless recovery'
Times online-- China v world as a trade war comes closer
Telegraph UK online-- Germany growls as Greece balks at immolation
Telegraph UK online-- The current Greek crisis is merely act one of a much wider tragedy
Telegraph UK online-- Time running out for Dubai to pull itself out of danger, says Lord Mandelson
Melbourne Herald Sun-- China reins in banks
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Markets fail to heed Greek warning
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- US approves American Airlines, Qantas 'oneworld' alliance expansion
People's Daily-- Outlook of China's steel industry better than last year: ministry
People's Daily-- Profits in China's non-ferrous metal sector fall in 2009 despite rising output
Times of India-- Passenger fares unlikely to be touched in rail budget
Times of India-- Obama's remarks not aimed at Indian companies : Infosys chief

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