Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's the economy (September 1, 2009)

We let our ambitious project of tracking the major economic items of the day slide a bit over the summer, a problem of time consumption and perhaps a bit too much in superfluous additions. So with the best of intentions we'll attempt to resurrect the idea, this time however holding each day to a few key items from various sources.

We'll pick out a few of the more interesting links of the day and provide a path towards further study if so desired.
We start off with the items for September 1, which feature Canada's Pension Plan investing in Skype, a nervous look from America at Chinese investment in Alberta's tar sands and political uncertainty starting to work against the Loonie, some of the day's economic highlights...

National Post-- Canada now owns a piece of Skype
National Post-- GM reclaims top spot in Canada for July
Globe and Mail-- China's move into oil sands irks Washington
Globe and Mail-- Political uncertainty to weigh on loonie: economist
Globe and Mail-- B.C.'s belt-tightening budget calls for record deficit
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. to run record-breaking, $2.8-billion deficit this year
Vancouver Sun-- Resource revenues take billion-dollar bite out of provincial budget
Vancouver Province-- Budgeted deficit of $2.8-billion is first of four: Finance minister
Toronto Star-- Economy limping out of recession
New York Times-- For Commercial Real Estate, Hard Times Have Just Begun
Telegraph UK-- British manufacturing suffers surprise contraction in August
Guardian UK-- Fears of new banking failures send US shares tumbling
Guardian UK-- Guitar Hero and Call of Duty help Vivendi smash through recession

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