Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's the economy (September 30, 2009)

Saturn takes its final orbit, the banks aren't very impressed with credit card reforms and Japan's recovery loses its steam, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Bombardier laid the track long ago for deal in China
Globe and Mail-- Canada's flat growth in July dampens optimism
Globe and Mail-- End of the road for Saturn as Penske walks away
Globe and Mail-- Banks balk at new credit card rules
National Post-- Tax hikes loom in the post-crisis world
National Post-- Hamilton sues over $10-million ABCP loss
National Post-- GM's Saturn faces full eclipse
New York Times-- G.M. to Close Saturn After Deal Fails
New York Times-- Tariff May Further Strain U.S.-China Trade
Times online UK-- PM unblocks the cash pipeline
Times online UK-- US hopes lifted of early exit from recession
Telegraph online UK-- The Government has turned regulation into a cash-raising enterprise
Telegraph online UK-- UK banks in landmark bonus reform pledge based on G20 agreement
Telegraph online UK-- Bankrupt Cayman Islands to get £38m bail-out
Telegraph online UK-- IMF's credit-constrained vision of the world economy is the wrong bet
Guardian UK-- IMF: UK faces credit rationing or higher interest rates unless Bank prints more money
Guardian UK-- Japan's economy slowing as stimulus wears off
Sydney Morning Herald-- Global bank losses hover at $3.9 trillion
Sydney Morning Herald-- Financial crisis 'causes more disputes'
Sydney Morning Herald-- Demand for credit weakest in 16 years
Sydney Morning Herald-- Marketing Myer: No sale for instos
People's Daily on line-- China to continue loose monetary policy, stressing domestic consumption People's Daily on line-- Bombardier bags majorrailway deal
The Times of India-- Bharti-MTN merger deal called off with South Africa rejecting the structure
The Times of India-- ATF prices slashed by 2.1%; effective midnight

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