Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's the economy (September 24, 2009)

While the rest of the world talks of recovery, Spain closes in on a Depression, The G8 will fade as the G20 is on the rise and a warning on ending stimulus plans early, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- As banking regulation nears, G20 to take over from G8
Globe and Mail-- Credit card debt balloons
Globe and Mail-- Germany makes push for global financial tax
National Post-- Harper warns on ending stimulus measures early
National Post-- U.S. housing market could stall recovery
National Post-- Recession, inflation, US dollar optimism
New York Times-- A Tiny Tax Could Do a World of Good
New York Times-- For Pittsburgh, G-20 Meeting Is a Mixed Blessing
Times online UK-- Turmoil eases for bank mortgage lending
Times online UK-- PM calls for bank charges settlement
Times online UK-- World leaders - and Pittsburgh - steeled for G20 whirlwind
Telegraph online UK-- It will take more than a cheap currency to make Britain business-friendly Telegraph online UK-- Spain tips into depression
Telegraph online UK-- 'Debt levels risk another crisis'
Guardian UK-- Financial meltdown tops agenda as G20 summit convenes in Pittsburgh
Guardian UK-- G20: Passing the buck in Pittsburgh
The Scotsman-- Minutes show Bank is wary but positive on economic revival
The Scotsman-- Braveheart rhetoric fails to rouse Scots entrepreneurs
Sydney Morning Herald-- New house sales soar
Sydney Morning Herald-- Diamonds aren't forever, the pipes are running dry
Sydney Morning Herald-- Australian banks resilient, well-placed: RBA
Sydney Morning Herald-- Ten sees signs of recovery as Canwest sells out
People's Daily on line-- PBOC governor: monetary policy should be in line with economic development
People's Daily on line-- China ministry welcomes U.S. court's ruling in favor of Hebei tire maker
The Times of India--
The Times of India--

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