Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Consultations on potential PRSS closure get underway

The first School District meeting of the new school year certainly hasn't shied away from the controversial subjects. In among the recently announced cancellation by the Province of the annual facilities grant (normally a topic that would consume much of the night) the School District weighed in on two other controversial items, grade configuration and the fate of a long time and much beloved institution in the city.

The first two readings of a bylaw that would see Prince Rupert Secondary School close in June of 2010 were introduced at Tuesday night's meeting, a required part of the process that now begins a sixty day consultation period on the subject.

That process will include three community forums on the issue, a revisiting of the grade configuration controversy of last spring and with it the potential of a middle school for the community, included in those conslutation forums will perhaps be a televised forum pertaining to the potential changes, all of which will lead up to the February 9th, 2010 vote on the future of the long time Prince Rupert academic landmark.

The first readings of the bylaw provide a more streamlined approach to the issues, than the chaotic sessions at the end of the 2008-09 school year, which saw the School District managers and trustees face the wrath of the public for their handling of the sensitive educational issues.
June 24-- If at first you don't succeed... vote and vote again
It will be of interest to watch how this process evolves heading towards that February judgement day, but this time, there's at least much in the way of discussion to come and hopefully some solid guidelines from the public as to what direction the School District should take for the best benefit of the students and their education.

The Northern View makes good use of their online presence today with the first details of this important story to the community, you can find their efforts on their website (click here)

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