Sunday, September 27, 2009

Using the power of their portal for good... The dog catchers of htmf

A lost dog, an Internet community and the readers that troll, click and post all came together last week as a "Be on the look out for" was issued for a lost dog on the east side of the city.

The search which covered a few days ended successfully with the dog and family reunited and the idle hours spent by Rupertites on hackingthemainframe put to the use of good.

As a gesture of thanks for the successful ending to the canine disappearance the family of Magnum took out an ad in the Daily News thanking those that found the dog and to all those on htmf that took up the cause of reunification...

The local portal last year found fame in the Daily News annual awards issue, as the city's most popular internet site, usurped this year by the City of Prince Rupert site.

Clearly a recount would be in order if pet owners had any say in the matter.

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