Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funding request for Tsimshian Access Project gets A No!

The City’s attempt to secure 14 million dollars in grant funding to further examine the Tsimshian Access Project was turned down earlier in September, not part of a number of funding requests granted by the Northern Development Initiative Trust, a disappointment that was apparently expected by the City.

In an article in Friday’s Daily News, the City’s Bob Thompson outlined that the city did not learn that they were eligible for funding until a few days before the deadline and owing to that last minute nature of their request for funding, theirs was a rushed application.

Further investigation by the city found that their request for fourteen million dollars was almost half of the entire allocation of thirty million dollars particular to that part of the fund, making their request it appears a bit unsuitable for that particular pool of money.

And while that opportunity to access some cash has passed on unsuccessfully, the city remains undeterred, eager to seek out future funding sources to keep the project alive and on the books.

A first glimpse of a feasibility study for the project will be released in October, a document that should assist in the ability to access funding from various government options.

To that end, the City’s City Manager Gordon Howie will be bending a few ears during this weeks UBCM meetings in the Lower mainland, Howie has scheduled a meeting with some BC cabinet ministers to discuss the project further.

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