Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's the economy (September 2, 2009)

The waiting period for unemployed Canadians to find new jobs seems to be growing, BP finds black gold deep deep under the Gulf of Mexico and Canada hesitates to clamp down on bank bonus payments. Some of the day's items of note in the financial world.

Globe and Mail-- It's a longer wait between the firing and the hiring
Globe and Mail-- BP announces ‘giant' oil discovery in Gulf of Mexico
Globe and Mail-- G20 pushes to continue stimulus programs
National Post-- Canada balks at banking bonus clampdown
National Post-- Provincial economies looking up, says Laurentian
National Post-- YouTube talks to studios about movie rentals: source
Vancouver Sun-- Receiver pledges orderly wind-up of loggers' finance company
Vancouver Sun-- Recession over? Canadians aren’t buying it yet
Vancouver Province-- No Olympic gold in sight for real-estate speculators
Vancouver Province-- Hansen's silence on deficit speaks volumes
New York Post-- Stocks sink in September sell-off
Boston Globe-- SEC bungled Madoff probes, agency watchdog says
Times OnLine UK-- Gordon Brown’s $1 trillion global rescue package unravels
Times OnLine UK-- Business chief Lord Trefgarne urged MacAskill to release al-Megrahi
Telegraph UK-- BP's 35,000ft well could produce 3bn barrels of oil
Telegraph UK-- UK pledges extra $11bn to IMF to tackle crisis
Guardian UK-- Giant oil find by BP reopens debate about oil supplies
Sydney Morning Herald-- Will Beijing's brakes slow down our caboose?

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