Monday, June 29, 2009

A disruption to the Daily News routine

Podunkians had to make alternate arrangements to their evening routine as troubles at the Daily News offices prevented the Daily paper to make its early afternoon appearance around town.

There was no home delivery by 7 pm, nor news stand offerings around town by the same hour.

A few of the stores sampled by your humble blogging servant offered up the possibility of computer problems to printing difficulties, perhaps both related.

No further word was available at the retail end of the delivery system to offer up hope for a Monday night edition, leaving Podunkians until Tuesday perhaps to learn of the pressing issues of the day from the Daily News point of view.

This highlights the drawback to the fact that the local daily paper no longer offers a presence on the Internet, having not updated their website for a number of months now. Despite the obvious ability to update their subscription base as to the problems of the day, the lack of web offering also denies the paper's journalists the opportunity to get their stories to the public whenever the print version has a setback

The Daily News falls short of the Northern View in this case, as that paper updates breaking news on a daily basis from their portal on the web. It makes for a situation which puts it almost on the cutting edge of news gathering in the local market, a rather remarkable thing for a paper that publishes but once a week.

Hopefully, the Tuesday edition will offer up an explanation as to the woes of Monday, so as not to leave the details of their troubles to the imaginative wondering of the local populace.

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