Thursday, June 11, 2009

City offers up its support for Fairview expansion

The Port of Prince Rupert is seeking Federal infrastructure money in its quest for the development of Phase Two of the Fairview Container Terminal and in order to gain access to those funds, the approval of the City of Prince Rupert is something that needs to be provided.

To that end, City Council has been busy throwing its support behind the the Port of Prince Rupert's plans, offering up their support for the Port's Build Canada grant process which seeks some 200 million dollars in infrastructure monies from the Federal Government, as well as to try and gain access to 100 million dollars in funding for work to be done on Ridley Island, providing a loop of track and perhaps road access to the Phase Two development at Fairview.
Civic support is a key ingredient to accessing the money and with many banking on the Port for any future employment generation on the North Coast, sending off their support seems the least the City could do to try and turn around the economic situation on the North Coast.

The Northern View outlined the city's thoughts on the possibilities for development and the need to set their stake for any available Federal money.

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