Monday, June 15, 2009

Search for Skeena fatality suspended

The search for the body of the second occupant of a car that left Highway 16 on Friday has been suspended, owing to dangerous conditions for river search crews.

Search officials called off their efforts on Monday, after it was determined that the river was unsafe due to the amount debris, flow rate and volume of water.
Over the weekend, members of The Terrace RCMP, Terrace Water Rescue Team, RCMP Air Services, and an Underwater Recovery Team all worked the river area where the westbound vehicle went into the Skeena River, one of the two occupants was able to escape from the accident, while the other is believed presumed dead.

The investigation into the accident continues, though no names have been officially released or further details on the early morning incident have public.

The search for the car and it's occupant will resume once river conditions improve, something that is expected to take place once the current high water and mountain run off conditions return to more workable levels.
Terrace Standard-- Search for submerged vehicle in fatal accident suspended
Terrace Daily on line-- Search for submerged vehicle suspended

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