Saturday, September 18, 2010

Podunk Below the Masthead, Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cops for Cancer tour comes to it's conclusion in Prince Rupert, Company officials at Kitimat's Rio Tinto Alcan smelter makes plans for its modernization plan and teachers in Terrace to learn new methods to enhance learning, some of the items of note from Friday's news files.

The Northern View
Riding with the Cops for Cancer Tour de North - Day 7 -- The wrap to the Tour de North which came to a conclusion in Prince Rupert on Thursday afternoon (see article here)

Cops ride-- As the Cops for Cancer Tour de North came to it's end,  CFTK TV''s Sahar Nassimdoost  was on hand and provided this wrap up report for TV 7's evening newscast. (see video report here)

Henning Remains Convinced Smelter Modernization Will Be Greenlighted in 2011 -- As prep work continues on the Alcan smelter modernization project, BC Operations Vice President Paul Henning offered up his thoughts on the status of the project (see article here) TV 7 also featured this video report on the developments at Kitimat works (see video report here)

Teachers Conference on "Engaging the Brain" Next Week in Terrace -- A two day professional development session in Terrace hopes to inform educators how to better engage their students in the learning process (see article here)

Pinnacle Pellet plant-- The development of a new industry for Burns Lake and the creation of jobs in that community was highlighted in this video report for the evening news (see video report here)

Terrace Standard
God's existence debated-- A group of Terrace religious leaders tackle one of the great questions of our time on earth (see article here)

CBC News Northern BC Daybreak North 
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