Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fairview Terminal moves towards a greener future

A 3.6 million dollar electricity upgrade project announced today by the Federal Conservatives, will provide the Port of Prince Rupert with a more environmentally clean distribution system for power to visiting container ships.

The project will make Prince Rupert the first of Canada's ports to offer shore power for container ships and as a press release describes it "promote greener freight transportation alternatives for Canadians and significantly improve local air quality".

Vessels calling on Prince Rupert will be able to connect with an on shore power supply, allowing them to shut down their diesel engines while loading and unloading containers at the Terminal, which will reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.

The project which will be known as the Marine Shore Power program will see a 2.5 million dollar contribution from the Federal Government while the remainder of the 3.6 million dollar price tag will come from the provincial government which offers up 200,000 dollars and 900,000 dollars from the Port of Prince Rupert, CN Rail and Maher Terminals.

The construction of the project is anticipated to be complete by early 2011.

The full preview of the project was posted to the Transport Canada website today, CFTK News also had details on the announcement posted to their website on Tuesday as well, TV 7 also featured a video report on today's announcement (see video here).

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