Friday, September 17, 2010

A drive we may take for granted

For those that regularly travel Highway 16 the journey no doubt becomes a routine bit of tedium as the vehicle travels on past the many communities that dot the road between Rupert and Prince George and beyond to Alberta.

However, while we may not truly appreciate the display of the changing geography of the road, others are busy marvelling at what they see.

This past summer the Yellowhead from Alberta to Prince Rupert continued to amaze those that took to the blacktop on their journey west.

This article from the Edmonton Journal (which was widely distributed by the Canwest papers including the following link from the Province) outlines what others see as they make their way down the roadway.

You can't get much better advertising for a tourist route than the expression The best road trip begins in Jasper.

 Give it a read and you'll be ready to pack up the car and hit the road yourself!

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