Sunday, August 23, 2009

There's a new kid in the digitized town...

As we get back into the groove of this blogging adventure we notice that there's some companionship to be found on the north coast's blogging trail.

Prince Rumour, a new entry to the wired (and wireless) world of instant notification has joined our little club of self directed would be journalists. Launched it seems on August 19th, it has provided a few interesting snapshots of the events of the north coast.

From the arrival of the Daily News to the digital era, to a visiting tweet from a local snack food shopper to the ever popular topic of CityWest cellular service (or lack of in this case) the new kid on the blog seems to be off to a pretty good start.

We've come to learn that this blog maintenance thing is an ever growing beast, demanding of time and efforts, one which can consume the home life agenda at times.

In the spirit of a free and unfettered competitive citizen's press, we offer our congratulations on the successful launch and wish our new compatriot our best wishes for a long a enjoyable time in the blogosphere.

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