Friday, August 21, 2009

BC Ferries cancels weekend sailings of the Northern Adventure

BC Ferries has cancelled the Friday and Saturday sailings of the Northern Adventure, would be passengers have been advised to check the BC Ferries website after 9am on Saturday for further updates on the sailing schedule.

The Queen Charlotte Islands Observer has reported that the vessel has been delayed (and sailings now cancelled) from Prince Rupert when the vessel got tangled in some rope, Divers worked through the day to try and untangle rope, but thus far there has been little progress in making the vessel ready for travel to the Charlotte's.

Northern Adventure delayed in Prince Rupert
Queen Charlotte Islands Observer
Friday, August 21, 2009

The Northern Adventure is delayed leaving Prince Rupert as of 8:00 pm Friday, and ferry officials were unable to predict when it would be underway again.

The problem began when the vessel got tangled in some rope. Divers went down to try to fix the problem when the ship got to Rupert, but getting the rope untangled was trickier than first thought.

The vessel had been scheduled to leave Prince Rupert at 11 am Friday, but as of 8:00 pm, it still hadn't left and it was not clear when it was going to be ready to resume service.

Check out the BC Ferries website for updated information Friday evening.

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