Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Team Canada camp out

The calendar may say August, but for 46 prospective Olympians it may as well be a frosty night in February.

Team Canada opened up its orientation camp on Monday, a chance for the invited to get their first look at the four day adventure that could result in a place on Canada's Olympic Hockey team come next years Olympic games in Vancouver.

The 46 were almost on the ice as soon as they had finished their introductions at the rink, such was the pace that Head Coach Mike Babcock introduced to the four day sessions.

Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman and his management group will be watching with interest to see how the 46 mesh together, trying to divine which members will have the most impact for a February roster position, of the 46 gathered in Calgary on Monday some twenty of them will find disappointment in the end, as Yzerman puts together the combination of 23 that he feels will best deliver Gold to Canada at GM Place.

It's an interesting mix of veterans and rising stars, scoring specialists and hard nosed pluggers that made the invitation list, some there to provide the competitive spirit and game face atmosphere, others hoping that somehow they provide a spark that catches the eyes of Yzerman et al and make for that surprise announcement that may make hockey history.

It being hockey and Olympic hockey at that, the simple process of an opening skate seems to have been covered as if it were game seven of the Stanley Cup final.

Some of the reviews, previews and prognostications as to who will survive this stay on the Babcock Ice flow can be found below.

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