Monday, August 31, 2009

The only Y we can think of, is why does this man have a television show!

We’re not sure when Fox News evolved into Comedy Central, but with Glen Beck at the front lines of the network's (and right wing America’s) call to battle against President Obama, one must assume that the Democrats sleep well at night.

The latest from this would be giant of journalism was a rather interesting lesson on how America is turning into an Oligarchy, or as Mr. Beck suggests an Oligarhy.
he. he. he.

We’re not sure where Mr. Beck’s career is going to take him, he’s recently run into more than his fair share of controversy regarding his thoughts on how President Obama is a racist, or from his almost televangelist like zeal, (just short of issuing tin foil hats) when it comes to his rather unorthodox conspiracy theories.

But, when a major news organization becomes the centre of ridicule, such as Fox has over the last few days, what with sponsor pull outs and now credibility problems when it comes to on air editing, well one must fear for Mr. Beck’s long term career status.

Whether he survives this latest toxic mis-step radiating out of the Fox Studios remains to be seen, but we suspect that his future options may be dwindling as the days go by.

One thing is certain, he won’t be hosting or participating for that matter, in the Scripps Spelling Bee spectaculars every spring and we suspect that any possible shot at a guest appearance on Jeopardy may be gone forever as well.

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