Friday, August 21, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Archives August 2009

Our archive of the daily headline findings from Prince Rupert's Daily News newspaper, this one for the month of August 2009.

August 20--PRPA WELL AHEAD OF THE PROVINICAL CURVE-- Prince Rupert's Gateway to the world continues to keep a steady pace of progress, that despite some worrisome trends in the world economic structure (see story here)

August 19-- A COMMERCIAL FIRST FOR LAX KW'ALAAMS-- 400 pounds of pink salmon is on its way to Asia and that shipment through the Port of Prince Rupert could be the blue print for future success for the community's fish plant (see story here)

August 18-- CANOERS SHARE A GREETING STEEPED IN TRADITION-- A group of local canoers were one of the first to welcome Ali Howard upon her arrival at Port Edward, the Daily News recounts those first few moments (see story here)

August 17--HISTORIC SWIM MAKES A HUGE SPLASH AT THE CANNERY-- Ali Howards swim to create awareness of the fragility of the Skeena watershed came to an end over the weekend at the North Pacific Cannery Museum, the Daily News outlined the challenges and success of her journey (see story here)

August 14-- CIVIC PRIDE PLANTER PROGRAM IS FLOURISHING THIS SEASON-- Civic Pride has made good use of a $2,000 dollar grant from the City of Prince Rupert and the proof is in the participation level of the groups planter program (see story here)

The history and continuing dedication of the Prince Rupert Railway Club is the featured attraction of the Thursday paper (see story here)

Charges have finally been laid, after confessions were provided to the RCMP regarding a downtown stabbing incident over the weekend (see story here)

August 11-- FAREWELL TO A VETERAN FIREFIGHTER IN RUPERT-- After thirty three years on the job, thirteen of them as the top firefighter for the City of Prince Rupert, Fire Chief Ron Miller prepares for his retirement on August 31st (see story here)

August 10-- ONE MAN DEAD ANOTHER SERIOUSLY INJURED AFTER DISPUTE-- Monday's Daily News provided some of the details of a violent incident in Prince Rupert's downtown area on Saturday night, one which left one man dead, another seriously injured and yet another in police custody. (see story here)

August 7-- LOCAL CHARTER BOAT GOES FOR A DUNK AT THE DOCK-- The arrival of the Norwegian Star cruise ship in Prince Rupert sent a local charter operator into the harbour and his boat to the bottom of it, after a swell from the docking cruise ship swamped the smaller vessel. (see story here)

August 6-- LOCAL CARPENTERS' UNION CELEBRATES ITS CENTENNIAL-- Local 1735 celebrates 100 years of construction activity on the North coast and that 100 years of history was profiled in a front page, headline story in the Thursday paper (see story here)

August 5-- THE GRANDMOTHERS ARE TALKING-- Wednesday's front page, headline story features a look at programs designed to assist Tsimshian children in urban settings continue to continue with their traditional ways and lead healthy lifestyles (see story here)

August 4-- BRIDGING THE GAP IN MEMORY OF A FRIEND-- The 17th hole of the Prince Rupert Centennial Golf course features an interesting conversation piece and a tribute to a long time Prince Rupert doctor who recently passed away. The front page headline story of the Monday paper outlines the bridge spanning Oldfield creek in memory of Dr. Harris Coburn. (see story here)

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