Monday, September 18, 2006

On Budget, On Time and On line

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has put out another press release trumpeting the progress of the Container Port at Fairview. With less than a year until the anticipated arrival of the first containers on the shore at Prince Rupert, it would seem that all is following the timeline outlined at the start of the project.

And for those wishing to follow the progress of work down at Fairview the web cam is apparently up and running and soon to be moved to provide an even better view of the work as it progresses. You can view it through the Port's website or click here.

The opinion 250 website had all the details.

Prince Rupert Port: On Time - On Budget
Opinion 250 News

The Prince Rupert Port development is "on time-on budget". That's the word from those close to the construction.

With plans to have the Port accepting its first container traffic in October of 2007, one could say there are about 380 more sleeps till the Port is up and running.

"Are we starting to panic? No." says Barry Bartlett, Communications Manager for the project "We recognize we have some work to do, but we are about half way there."

Knowing people are curious about the progress of the Port, the Prince Rupert Port Authority has installed a web cam so people can get a visual update on the construction. Bartlett says not to worry, the camera will be "raised" soon to provide a better aerial view of the activity.

Bartlett says the Port is under construction for the betterment of all northern B.C., so the involvement of communities and First Nations throughout the north has been encouraged and welcomed.

A special conference is set for November in Prince Rupert to examine several aspects of the Port A special conference is set for November in Prince Rupert to examine several aspects of the Port opportunities.
In addition to representation from Maher Terminals which will operate the port, CN, and the Prince Rupert Port Authority, the speakers list includes:

George Stalk, Senior V.P. and Director of the Boston Consulting Group

David Fung Chairman and CEO ACDEG International

Yuen Pau Woo, President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Mike Tretheway, Executive V.P InterVistas Consulting

The three giant cranes will arrive at the Port in July, Bartlett says that should give everyone an opportunity to work out all the bugs and be at the top of their craft when the Port officially opens in October.

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