Sunday, September 10, 2006

It’s Showtime: Television: The Wire

One of the best crime shows on television these days’ returns to Movie Central tonight. The Wire, an HBO series returns for its fourth season, portraying the means streets, wharves and political backrooms of Baltimore in gritty realistic style.

The creation of David Simon, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, who launched the highly acclaimed Homicide: Life on the Streets to television in the nineties, The Wire follows the intersecting lives of clean and crooked cops, honest and slimy politicians and a criminal element that at times seem to be the real power in a part of Baltimore few people probably care much about.

If features a great ensemble cast, who add reality to their roles in heaping portions. Filmed in Baltimore, Simon takes the viewer into the heart of a decaying infrastructure, following the cops that try to keep a lid on things, while the politicians exploit all points for their own benefit.

It’s far from the formula cop shows we’ve seen over the years, and as it’s on a non over the air network source it’s much more willing to take chances. Obviously it’s not for the young ones and features a wide range of profanity and violence.

The Wire’s website from HBO, is a terrific resource for anyone who hasn’t followed the show thus far, going through the various program reviews, will have you looking for the DVD’s at your nearest retailer in no time.

View the trailers for the show here and then pop some popcorn for 9 pm tonight and every Sunday night for the next while!

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