Saturday, September 30, 2006

Everyone's a critic

Weary of such titles as Beerfest and Jackass II, a rural movie theatre owner in Illinois decided to send Hollywood a personal message.

Greg Boardman, owner of the Lorrainne Theatre in Hoopesville, Illinois decided to have his screens go blank for two weeks rather than offer up Jackass II as the featured attraction to the farming community of 6,000.

Boardman recently shut down the theatres when the distributors saddled him with Beerfest, Boardman says he will continue with his policy so long as Hollywood keeps sending the drivel and so far quite a few folks in the area are supportive. Most of whom however, are certainly beyond the Beerfest and Jackass demographics.

Most of those who thought he was doing the right thing were above the age of fifty, those who figure he's a "crybaby" were below the age of 35, leaving a gap of fifteen years we guess for folks that might find something they like in Hoopesville.

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