Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's the economy, Welcome to the New Year edition (Jan 1-3)

Report card day for the world's bankers, Malibu Barbie meets the wrestling crowd and Ireland goes from dynamic to near depression, some of the items of note for the first weekend of 2010.

Globe and Mail-- Inuvik looks ahead to ‘happy day'
Globe and Mail-- Vanguard of a natural gas revolution
Globe and Mail-- Grading the world's central bankers
National Post-- Always getting ahead of ourselves
Vancouver Sun-- New banking co-op aims to aid Filipino immigrants
Vancouver Sun-- Employment reports take centre stage early in new year: Analysis
New York Times-- Lax Oversight Caused Crisis, Bernanke Says
New York Times-- At Barbie’s Mansion, It’s Time for Yoga With Pro Wrestlers
New York Times-- Krugman: That 1937 Feeling
USA Today-- Colorado's minimum wage becomes 1st in U.S. to drop
USA Today-- Treasury makes the last bailouts, $29M to 10 banks
USA Today-- Super Bowl commercial slots selling fast, CBS says
Guardian UK online-- Struggling Japan Airlines thrown £1.33bn lifeline
Guardian UK online-- Dispute looms as Russia suspends Belarus energy supplies
Guardian UK online-- Celtic Tiger licks its wounds as Ireland's boom crumbles
Times Online UK-- HSBC goes out on a limb and predicts growth beyond dreams of Chancellor
Times Online UK-- Money printing scheme is working, Bank of England says
Times Online UK-- Home and dry in the great housing storm
Telegraph UK online-- Gold will be the next bubble if we don't learn our lesson
Telegraph UK online-- There are tough times ahead but my money's on a resurgent UK
Telegraph UK online-- Man Utd considers £600m bond issue to refinance debts
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Fogeys made a splash
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Sweeping changes ahead for super
Brisbane Times-- Economic recovery more a simmer than a boil
Brisbane Times-- Sting taken out of proposals for crackdown
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Rudd crackdown on CEOs' pay watered down
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Macquarie Group ready to spend as it looks at overseas assets
People's Daily on line-- Economic growth set to continue into new year
People's Daily on line-- China encourages private investment in publishing business
China Daily-- US investors eye new frontier in China
China Daily-- Economic growth set to continue into new year
China Daily-- Annual bonuses fall victim to hard times
The Times of India-- Govt to set up international shipyard worth up to 4k cr
The Times of India-- Offload stocks to bring food prices under control: CII
The Times of India-- Asia free-trade zone raises hopes & fears about China

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