Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's the economy (January 14, 2009)

On to the next crisis, President Obama wants his money back and will Mr. Geithner pull back the curtain, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Double dip recession risk significant, Martin Feldstein warns
Globe and Mail-- U.S. regulators move to rein in oil speculation
Globe and Mail-- The coming sovereign debt crisis
National Post-- Canadian banks shy away from acquisitions
National Post-- Canadian economy will roar 'like a lion,' then fizzle, CIBC says
National Post-- Financial crisis responsibility fee just a start
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. seeks celebrity help to lure tourists
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. announces new HST rebates for hospitals, schools
New York Times-- Obama Calls for Bank Tax to Recoup Bailout
New York Times-- Bernanke Defends the Fed’s Guardian Role
New York Times-- Geithner to Testify on Secretive Bailout Deals
USA Today-- 'Massive profits and obscene bonuses' motivate bank tax
USA Today-- Holder: FBI warned about mortgage fraud problem in 2004
USA Today-- Regulators propose oil-trade limits to try to limit speculation
Guardian UK online-- Angry Obama vows to tax cash-rich Wall Street
Guardian UK online-- Greece finalises radical economic recovery programme
Guardian UK online-- Manufacturing output flat amid continuing fear about economy
Times Online UK-- Japanese machinery orders hit 23-year low
Times Online UK-- Bubble fears as China property prices surge
Telegraph UK online-- Obama's bank tax will only work if there's a master plan in place
Telegraph UK online-- 'Significant chance' of second financial crisis, warns World Economic Forum
Telegraph UK online-- Dreams of retirement disappear for millions
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Management split hits Norton
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Wall St bankers won't apologise
Brisbane Times-- Jobless rate falls to 5.5%
Brisbane Times-- China helps Rio set ore mark
Brisbane Times-- Get a job, raise interest rates
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Double home owners' grant, real estate industry says
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Victoria leading the way on jobs
People's Daily on line-- China's housing prices up 7.8% in December 2009
People's Daily on line-- Tighter fiscal curbs expected
Times of India-- Maruti Suzuki launches Eeco in Mumbai
Times of India-- Decision on freeing oil prices put on hold
Times of India-- Small US firms offshoring more

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