Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the economy (January 27, 2010)

Reform or Recovery the choice is ours, Prince Rupert gets its props and a right Royal cheapskate, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- ‘Painful' recall engulfs Toyota in storm
Globe and Mail-- Choose reform or recovery, bankers tell world leaders
Globe and Mail-- Bernanke's lobbying puts independence in question
National Post-- Flaherty's fireside chats in Iqaluit bound to get heated
National Post-- Financial reform coming off the rails, warns Nixon
National Post-- Lawmakers call Geithner's AIG defence 'lame excuses'
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver poised to stage economic comeback in 2010: Conference Board
Vancouver Sun-- Prince Rupert Port weathers lows in Pacific Trade
New York Times-- iPad Blurs Line Between Devices
New York Times-- Toyota’s Push for Fast Growth Put Quality in Question
New York Times-- Soros Endorses Obama’s Plan on Banks
New York Times-- Obama to Party: Don’t ‘Run for the Hills’
USA Today-- Obama pledges to refocus agenda on jobs
USA Today-- Geithner: 'No role' in decisions about AIG bailout secrecy
USA Today-- Toyota expands floor mat recall; supplier redesigns pedal
Guardian UK online-- Darling to hold secret talks with bankers in Davos
Guardian UK online-- Bank of England policymakers split over prospects for British economy
Guardian UK online-- Geithner accused of incompetence over his role in AIG bailout
Times Online UK-- Davos Soros: Obama reform plan not tough enough
Times Online UK-- Lord Turner calls for controls on bank lending
Telegraph UK online-- Bumpy road ahead as Britain limps out of recession
Telegraph UK online-- Chinese central banker Zhu Min warns of new Asian crisis
Telegraph UK online-- British bosses most confident about jobs
Melbourne Herald Sun-- NAB abolishes fees
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Insurance blowout weighs on Westpac
Brisbane Times-- Time to drive the carbon cowboys out of town
Brisbane Times-- Stimulus revisited in Woolies' sales figures
Brisbane Times-- No longer 'business as usual'
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australian share market lower as inflation points to rate rise
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Prince Charles bills son's girlfriend for holiday
People's Daily on line-- Taiwan economy forecasted to grow 4.81% in 2010
People's Daily on line-- IMF says Chinese economy to grow 10% for 2010
China Daily-- China sets up national energy commission
China Daily-- China, Switzerland voice opposition against trade protectionism
Times of India-- India to grow 7.7% as global recovery picks pace: IMF
Times of India-- Finance ministry moves for AI-IA demerger

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