Monday, January 04, 2010

Former Northern Health Adminstrator in Prince Rupert passes away

Sue Beckermann, who was the Administrator for Northern Health in Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte islands for a number of years in the last decade has passed away. The well known member of the Northern Health administration team, had provided a large impact in the community both at work and with her activities away from the hospital.

Ms. Beckermann who was born in 1948, retired from Northern Health in December of 2008, her time in Prince Rupert and the North Coast put her in charge of health delivery services in the region during some challenging years. During her time with Northern Health there were a number of changes to take place in health care across the region, including a redefinition of roles and staffing at the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, the evolution of delivery of services to Haida Gwaii, as well as her participation in the planning phase for the new Acropolis Manor.

She had brought a wide and varied resume to Northern Health, with training and career paths that stretched from Australia to Quebec and on to the North coast.

Her passing was noted in an obituary notice posted to the Globe and Mail's Globe Life section on Tuesday. It traced a good portion of her professional career in nursing and administration leading up to her passing on December 19th.

She was also an active member in the New Westminster-Royal City Rotary Club, featured as a director of that organization, they provided a note of her passing on their website as well as part of a farewell.

As a tribute to her life and her career in nursing, the New Westminster-Royal City Rotary Club is establishing a Memorial Scholarship in her name in the field of Health Sciences, those wishing to make a donation to that scholarship can contact the organizers at the Rotary Club of New Westminster-Royal City c/o 3815 202A Street, Langley, BC, V3A 1T3.

You can read the entire Globe Lives page from this link.

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