Monday, January 04, 2010

EA Games mulls over its affiliation with Tiger Woods

EA Games, one of the worlds largest video game creators is like many other corporations trying to divine if the fall out of Tiger Woods personal travails is going to have an impact on their brand and their affiliation with the golfer.

In the last few weeks there have been a number of high profile sponsors that have decided that the image of the alleged philandering golfer isn't quite a workable partnership, putting about an eighteen hole bit of space between the golf legend and corporate marketing departments.

EA also apparently has had those kinds of discussions in their corporate headquarters, with plans for an announcement on Tuesday detailing where they believe the course of their relationship with the golfer is set to go.

As things turn out, it seems that EA is preparing to give him a mulligan on his misadventures and won't even deduct penalty points from his score card.

A positive step for Tiger (and his bank account), and one that could offer EA with even more gaming options for the future.

Perhaps there is a possibility to expand the offerings of the Tiger Woods Pro 10 series released last year , maybe EA could take the best of the golf game

and combine it with another characters more nocturnal activities, providing for a game that takes the action from the golf course, to what appears to be Tigers second favourite pursuit.

Maybe, just maybe we could see the launch of Leisure Suit Tiger... par for the course!
One warning though, we suspect that rating it E for everyone, probably won't be in the cards

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