Thursday, October 01, 2009

Outdoor exercise area set for its debut in ten days

Prince Rupert's Green Gym, an outdoor exercise area surrounding the Civic Centre is almost set for its debut. As the city puts the finishing touches on the exercise locations and makes preparations for the Grand opening planned for October 10th from 2-4 pm.

Over the last few months Eby and Sons construction and Northern Landscaping has been preparing the various locations for its green gym and as they get closer to the completion date, it seems that the interesting looking contraptions that are dotting the landscape of the Civic Centre land are beginning to attract attention.

That curiosity will be satisfied with explanations and examples on the 10th, when the City staff showcase the newest addition to the city's physical fitness plans.

Once it's opened the outdoor facility, which will be known as the McClymont Park Green Gym Fitness Park, will be available to all for use, though we suspect that we will quickly learn just who is truly motivated for a good workout when the October and November rains arrive.

CFTK, TV 7 offered up a preview of what we can expect to find in ten days time...

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