Monday, October 19, 2009

The first notch on Jay Leno's belt...

When NBC announced last year that Jay Leno was moving his one hour talk fest into prime time, many wondered aloud as to the fate of television drama on the mainstream networks.

And with the television season just barely underway it would seem that the fate, on NBC at any rate is perhaps a tad dire.

Southland, a critically acclaimed cop drama that first appeared last season for six episodes on NBC was unceremoniously dumped by the Network earlier this month, that despite a few weeks of promotion heralding the return of the show.

It seems that with Jay taking up five hours of valuable 10 pm drama time these days, the content and story lines for Southland were considered just too dark for the pre Jay lead in crowd, so with six shows in the can as they say, the show itself was canned.

The producers from John Wells entertainment offices are apparently shopping their product around to any number of potential cable outlets, such as TNT, FX or AMC (only one of which is available on Canadian cable or satellite providers it seems). A growing trend on television where it seems much of the quality work is migrating these days.

Hopefully it finds a home shortly, as it was offering up some interesting plot themes and characters that viewers could find resonance with.

The arrival of Jay into the ten pm slot is proving toxic for other NBC dramas as well, Law and Order SVU, which was forced marched into a 9 pm slot on Wednesday's is finding that it's ratings are tumbling with the inevitable rumours to come no doubt of its potential demise.

As for the drama department at NBC, one suspects that the ratio of resumes to script proposals coming out of their offices these days is probably heavily weighted in favour of the CV's...

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