Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long weekend travel woes

It's a long weekend and Thanksgiving at that, the much anticipated days where many families gather for a reunion and of course a little turkey.

This long weekend for some British Columbians however may seem a little longer and little more frustrating, that, as travel glitches seem to be infecting a couple of the provinces transportation providers.

BC Ferries in Vancouver was facing the prospect of entering the long weekend with one ferry out of service after a fire on board the Spirit of Vancouver Island, put it out of commission for the near future, leaving the Ferry corporation to cancel it's guaranteed boarding program between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. With a bit of reworking of the schedules of the remaining vessels in the fleet, they have managed to get things somewhat back on track and may add extra sailings as the situation warrants.

With Thanksgiving one of the busiest of weekends for the Ferry Service that there is, they are anticipating more than a few angry customers over the next few days if travel delays get in the way of their travel plans.

While BC Ferries tries to sort out it's problems a new inconvenience has popped up on the travel radar, with Air Canada Jazz having to cancel or delay a number of flights late Friday night due to a computer glitch.

The airline which flies to a number of British Columbia communities was advising passengers on Flights AC7650 to AC8999 to check the airlines website or the flight information system number of 1-888-422-7533 for confirmation that their flight is still a scheduled concern.

There is no word on when the computer glitch would be fixed, or if it will impact on flights further into Saturday, a situation which could have a domino effect on flights to Prince Rupert and Terrace later in the day.

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