Friday, October 23, 2009

It`s the economy (October 23, 2006)

In England they call this a depression, not a recession! Canada`s deficit gets deeper and in America the job seeking market is getting crowded with seniors, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Ottawa's deficit hit $23.7-billion in August
Globe and Mail-- U.S. blocks Canada at WTO
Globe and Mail-- Suncor seeks to speed clean up of oil sands
National Post-- Ottawa`s deficit deepens as spending surges, revenue falls
National Post-- TSX records worst day in three weeks
National Post-- Ford Canada plant idled due to India labor
New York Times-- The Number of Job Hunters 65 or Older Skyrockets
New York Times-- Bernanke Urges Overhaul of Financial Regulatory System
Times online UK-- GM sale of Opel and Vauxhall delayed
Times online UK-- Union moves to ensure maximum pain in second wave of post strikes
Times online UK-- Economists revolt over surprise recession data
Guardian online UK-- Virgin Money applies to FSA for banking licence
Guardian online UK-- Economists perform dismally again
Guardian online UK-- UK economy in its longest recession on record
Telegraph UK online-- This recession just became a depression
Telegraph UK online-- Britain's hopes of escaping recession dashed
Telegrpah UK online-- Britain is still in recession: the emergency measures propping up the economy
The Scotsman-- The worst recession in 50 years - latest figures reveal further economic woe
Irish Times-- Next crisis in incubation as business as usual returns
Victoria Herald Sun-- Bridgestone Closure axes 600 jobs
Victoria Herald Sun-- Victorian Longtom gas flowing
Brisbane Times-- Join race to fill that space
Brisbane Times-- Resurgent dollar not all gloom and doom
People's Daily on line-- China launches its NASDAQ-style market
People's Daily on line-- Chinese premier arrives in Thailand for ASEAN summits with partners
The Times of India-- China's Economy: Behind all the hype
The Times of India-- Galleon, arm of Lehman sell India holdings

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