Monday, October 12, 2009

It's the economy (October 12, 2009)

Is This why Tim Horton's is considered a goldmine? England is at the bottom of Europe's list and The Cubbies are broke, some of the items of note for a Holiday Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Carney may have to start his walk to higher rates
Globe and Mail-- It's up to China to avert a dollar debacle
Globe and Mail-- Tims breaks into Fort Knox
National Post-- Low U.S. interest rates push loonie to new heights
National Post-- Chicago Cubs file for bankruptcy as part of sale
National Post-- RioCan pondering US move
New York Times-- Credit Tightens for Small Businesses
New York Times-- Canada Seeks Redress on Food-Labeling Law
Times online UK-- Brown announces £16 billion asset sell-off
Times online UK-- Sterling hits six-month low on Brown sell-off
Guardian online UK-- ITV's search for a leader thrown into fresh turmoil after Bishop pulls out
Guardian online UK-- Interest rates 'to stay low for years'
Telegraph UK online-- Pound plunges as UK markets rally to year high
Telegraph UK online-- Dizzee Rascal joins in the attack on bankers
Telegraph UK online-- Gordon Brown unveils £16 billion asset sales
Telegraph UK online-- Britain has worst quality of life in Europe, study says
Victoria Herald Sun-- Mother of all wake-up calls from Glenn Stevens
Brisbane Times-- Obama's peace shattered as dollar takes a pounding
Sydney Morning Herald-- Thinking of buying a business? Here's how to assess it's value
People's Daily on line-- Hummer deal nod likely soon
People's Daily on line-- China, Russia to boost energy ties
The Times of India-- Informal jobs account for 93% of India's workforce: ILO
The Times of India-- Silver coins surge to new high on Diwali demand

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